Hoping For A Good Day

Today is Friday. Beautiful sunshine, a wonderful start to a day. God is surely showing his beauty with the birds in the front yard, the new leaves on the trees. Yesterday my son came down and power washed my home. We have certain trees that just love to leave that nasty green crap on the house. Do you have any like this? Last evening was a lot of fun. My son and his family came back down after dark. We built a nice, roaring fire, and all sat around it just relaxing. We talked about anything and everything. My son knows I am afraid of the dark, so he made sure to tell me about the sixty pound raccoon that was roaming the streets, every time I heard a chirping sound. He got me going, for sure! I am pretty sure it was a raccoon, but do they get to the weight of sixty pounds? I don’t know about that. Al was in a rip-roaring mood last night. His mouth is feeling better, and he has been eating more since having his oral surgery. He was talking about the past. Back in time when mom and dad were still alive. Talking about our grandfather, remembering a particular time that he was lifting something and his farmer style bib overhauls fell down to his knees. He was laughing so much. It was wonderful to see. He talked about his first car he owned, and how mom and dad had helped him to get it. I just wanted to capture this entire evening and put it all in a snap shot and savor it forever. Ever since I had Al anointed and his room done also, he has been so much calmer. He has been through a lot this week and has done well. I am positive that God had much to do with this. I only remember him complaining once last night, and that was when he wanted to move, and his legs froze from the Parkinson’s. Today, when he is finished with breakfast, we are going clothes shopping for him. He reminded me of this as he went to bed last night. He told me he would be glad when he got his new shorts, so they would not fall down anymore, and he took his own shorts and acted like they were falling down. That was funny to watch. He already had it calculated in his mind how many pairs of shorts he would get today. He says to me, that there are seven days in a week, and if he doesn’t get dirty, every day, then he would need five pairs of shorts. I never do that when I go shopping. I shop by clearance sales. If I see something on a fabulous sale, I will buy them, if not, I pass them up. I rarely purchase anything, clothes, items for the house, unless they are on sale. Many years ago, when I had bought my kids their Christmas gifts, and realized how much cheaper the stores lowered the prices the day after Christmas, I made up my mind then, that I wasn’t giving any of these stores more than they deserved. Thus, the clearance shopper was born. After we get his new clothes, we are going to purchase a birthday gift for one of my grandsons. Tomorrow they will be coming down here with a cake and ice-cream, along with some of their family members, and will be celebrating his third birthday. I just get a huge kick out of little kids when they are opening their gifts. They clap and get so excited, and their eyes twinkle. The innocence that children carry, is so precious. When do we lose this about ourselves? Most likely when we let them fly into the world when they start school, and get to know and learn other children’s habits and ideas. This is not always a good thing in my mind. I hated sharing my kids with other kids habits, if they were brought up different from mine, but we have to let them go. When my kids were entering school, there was no home schooling. I would not have been interested in it anyways. I wanted my kids to learn and if I would have been teaching them, I may have kept them in my sixties and seventies style of learning. We didn’t even have computers in our classrooms, let alone computer classes. After buying the birthday gift, I will force myself to spend money on groceries. I hate buying groceries. If you figure out how long it takes you to grocery shop, and how much money you spend on them, you will discover like I did, that buying groceries is one of the fastest ways to spend money.  Tonight, will also be Al’s first night of having a shower with a new caregiver and a shower in the evening instead of the morning. Well, he is up and ready for breakfast. We are both ready to start our new day together. I am hoping it is a good one. Talk to you later.

Grocery store sign

Grocery store sign (Photo credit: Plan for Opportunity)

16 thoughts on “Hoping For A Good Day

  1. Your positive attitude is inspiring! I hope you have an awesome day today!

    Your evening sounded lovely! I miss the days of camping around a fire, roasting marshmellows and just chatting away with friends! Where we live now we can’t do that. I hope Al is receptive to his new caregiver.

    Enjoy your day! You deserve it! Oh! And I hate grocery shopping too 🙂


    • i have always loved campfires. it is a cheap entertainment, that relaxes the mind, body and soul. thank you for this wonderful comment. i am hoping all goes well today, and grocery bill doesn’t throw me into shock, lol


      • Grocery bills always throw me into shock! Food seems to suck the most out of our budget! I feel your pain!


  2. Love the ‘clearance shopper was born’, and yes, I would love if my fridge could just dispense groceries it sees fit for free in consideration of the tiredness I experience after work in lugging groceries, cooking, washing dishes, digesting, and then doing it all over again. 😀



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