I Wanted To Explain

This past week has been so wonderful for me. I have learned that I have a true friendship with many of you on here, and that I am able to remain myself and that I do not have to pretend to have happy days each day. Now, you are maybe wondering what has happened to this person we have learned to trust and read her stories. I just wanted to explain briefly the truth. Yesterday, I had so much to do and I had Al out quite a bit of the day. I did find some time to read some blogs, which have become very important to me. I don’t mean I am picking through, that did not sound right. I meant going down my emails I was able to read some. Last night, my family came down and we had built a bon fire and stayed out side talking until almost 1:30 am. The time just flew yesterday. I went to bed so late last night that I got up late, and haven’t had time to spend on the internet alone. When I awoke, my brother was getting up at the same time. My grandson’s birthday party is being held here today, so it is going to be another busy day. I have quickly drank only one cup of coffee, and I have to shower and wrap the birthday gift. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I am not ignoring anyone on purpose. Every free moment I have today, I will continue to keep reading. Things will get back to normal very quickly, and I will be able to push further catching up with comments and reading. I know I didn’t have to say a word. Some may not notice that I haven’t even made a remark, but to me, you are important, and I wanted to explain.