I Have Been Blessed Many Times Over By Wonderful Bloggers


Pink is someone who I have come to know and it has been a joy reading her blogs. This friend has nominated me for the ABC award tonight. I am not going to try to tell you anything more about me, because I would have to dig into my childhood and tell on myself, and this would only humor you and not me. lol. I was a good kid for the most part, but we all do some things in our childhood  that we would rather not brag about now that we are all grown right? Alright, now you are wondering what in the world did she do that she can not talk about! You talked me into it. I will say only one thing. When I was young I loved to read. I had a rigid bedtime, and didn’t want to give up my reading, so I took my blanket and shoved it under the bed. I also took the lamp shade off my table lamp and placed it under the bed also and placed the blanket over the light, so mom and dad would not know that I was reading. Needless to say it caused a fire. I sure was in trouble, big trouble. Mom took my bike away from me for a whole week. I had to walk to school or anywhere I wanted to go. I learned my lesson well. It was a small fire that I yelled for help when I saw the smoke signals rising. Thank goodness mom and dad were right in the next room. Dad saved our lives that night.

So thanks to Pink, you now know I was not perfect as a child. hehe

I would like to nominate a couple of bloggers. All of you are so nice to me, it is hard to pick. I try to share the awards with all. One blogger that I have to pick tonight is


my very first follower! Bird has helped me to see things that I have not been able to see. She has guided me like a mother guides a child. I can never thank her enough.


Viveka! She is someone I have known almost from the beginning of my blogging. She shares awesome recipes, where she used to be a professional chef. She tells me her opinions and lays it out on the table flat! She is an awesome person!

Once again, thank you dear Pink for this award!!!!

ToTo, Let’s Click Our Heels Three Times


Anne has nominated me for the award, One Lovely Blog Award.

I do not believe this! I must be dreaming. I am going to click my red, ruby shoes and wish to go home.

Thank you so much Anne. I always sit back and wonder what you readers see that I do not see in my stories. I guess it is not for me to know, it is for me to write my feeling from my own heart. I am so glad that you enjoy them, and I was always too afraid to let others see what I feel for so many years

You are supposed to tell new things about you, but I have nothing much

Al is being given his shower at this moment.

Al has been pretty quiet today, but calm

I stained a picnic table today, and also a wooden walk way to the outdoor shed.

I took my brother to KFC for lunch. He ate all of his and some of mine!

You are to nominate others who you feel  would also enjoy this. There are many, but I am going to name three


a mental health counselor with a heart of gold


everything that is said by this blogger is from the heart


this blogger gives me wonderful comments. she is truly a wonderful blogger and is one of my newer friends.

Again thanks Anne. You are the best!!!

I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

I can’t believe this happened! I was nominated for another award! I am feeling so humbled at this very moment. The person who has nominated me is


A big thank you for this charmed by you!!!!

You are supposed to tell seven things about yourself and then nominate others you feel deserve this award also.

There is so little to say about me. Let me think a moment. Alright, here is a couple of things you may not know.

I was born a blue baby and lived in an incubator for six weeks.

I was speaking dutch my grandma said when I was young, no one could understand me

I would love to find a christian man companion to share my life with

In most of my elementary school days my report card said that the teacher had to move me from seat to seat because I would not stop talking.





Thank you again for this very nice award.

I Need Your Input

A bible from 1859.

A bible from 1859. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked my son the same question I am going to ask you now. My son said that he is dreaming. I am confused, and I can’t help it,I am a little scared, and anxious. I want you to tell me what your true thought is. You all know that Al was struggling a couple of weeks ago with Satan and God. Telling me that for about four days Satan was sitting on his shoulder. Then he said that God came to visit him, that he saw a bright light in his room, and now Satan was gone. He told me that God told him he was going to give him a sign, and that Al would understand this sign and know it was time to go home. For another week, there was a huge peace in this home. Al was full of gentle smiles, chat was nice. I knew, although I had not been in that room, something had happened for Al. Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Al was pretty sad. He laid in his bed for most of the day watching TV. He has not read his Bible near as much, even though I bought him his  large print Bible. He explained to me that he missed mom a lot, and so this explained why his sadness was so obvious. I pretty much left him alone yesterday, except when I took him to lunch. He cried during that time frame, but for the rest of the day, there was just silence within these four walls. Last night, he came out to have his last medications and his snack. He was quiet, and said nothing. As he finished and got up to go back to his room, he came over to me and told me another mind bolting story. He said that he had seen mom. That he went to heaven and he saw gold streets, and then mom left heaven and came down here in his room and they visited for a while. He said he asked her how she was, and she told him she was doing real good. She asked him how he was, and that they talked about dad and how Al felt about dad. He told me that with mom’s help he wasn’t mad at dad any longer. She told him that she had to go back home, and he told her that he would see her soon, and she said that she knew this. I was filled with questions. I asked him  how she looked, and he said the same. I asked him if saw dad and he said no. He told me all this as calmly as if he was telling me he wanted a bowl of ice-cream. What is happening here my friends? Three weeks now this has been going on. Is he dreaming? Is he having visions? Please give me your input. Have any of you had this sort of thing happen in your life?  Does this have anything to do with Al wanting to die? I need your help in figuring this out.