I Have Been Blessed Many Times Over By Wonderful Bloggers


Pink is someone who I have come to know and it has been a joy reading her blogs. This friend has nominated me for the ABC award tonight. I am not going to try to tell you anything more about me, because I would have to dig into my childhood and tell on myself, and this would only humor you and not me. lol. I was a good kid for the most part, but we all do some things in our childhood  that we would rather not brag about now that we are all grown right? Alright, now you are wondering what in the world did she do that she can not talk about! You talked me into it. I will say only one thing. When I was young I loved to read. I had a rigid bedtime, and didn’t want to give up my reading, so I took my blanket and shoved it under the bed. I also took the lamp shade off my table lamp and placed it under the bed also and placed the blanket over the light, so mom and dad would not know that I was reading. Needless to say it caused a fire. I sure was in trouble, big trouble. Mom took my bike away from me for a whole week. I had to walk to school or anywhere I wanted to go. I learned my lesson well. It was a small fire that I yelled for help when I saw the smoke signals rising. Thank goodness mom and dad were right in the next room. Dad saved our lives that night.

So thanks to Pink, you now know I was not perfect as a child. hehe

I would like to nominate a couple of bloggers. All of you are so nice to me, it is hard to pick. I try to share the awards with all. One blogger that I have to pick tonight is


my very first follower! Bird has helped me to see things that I have not been able to see. She has guided me like a mother guides a child. I can never thank her enough.


Viveka! She is someone I have known almost from the beginning of my blogging. She shares awesome recipes, where she used to be a professional chef. She tells me her opinions and lays it out on the table flat! She is an awesome person!

Once again, thank you dear Pink for this award!!!!

27 thoughts on “I Have Been Blessed Many Times Over By Wonderful Bloggers

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  2. Thank you so much …. for the kind words said about me here – and thanks for the award.
    And of course a BIG congratulations to YOU! – that’s truly awesome.


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