Picture It And Write it-Prompt #27 God Is Always With Us

This is the way my head feels when I have had a bad day. Husband and I have argued over nothing in particular. Kids have been picking on each other. I have too much laundry to catch up on, and tomorrow is the beginning of another work week. I went to my favorite hiding place, my bathroom, and sat on the stool, and began to cry. My stress was not at a good level, and I needed to get a grip on myself. I needed to have some quiet time to talk to my best friend God. I quit crying, wiped my eyes, and blew my nose. I got off of the stool and knelt right there on the floor and told God of my problems. I ask him to bring order to my house and peace in my heart. I told him how much I loved him, and gave thanks for his love and understanding for me. Within minutes, the tape measure unwound. The house became quiet. I could hear husband rattling around in the kitchen, maybe searching for something to start for supper. God is good. He is always with us.

I Have Made A Terrible Mistake, My Friends On My Story, One Fall Evening

I thought I would show a different side of my writing this morning and wrote a fiction story about today’s world. I was so thoughtless, never thinking about the way I could hurt others through my writing. I have now placed a warning in the title, and I am so so sorry, for any pain I have caused. Please read at your discretion. I thought I was doing something good, but hurting others is not good. I won’t write this way again.


Happy Thoughts

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

There is something about Sundays and I have great memories of Sundays. This is a day of the week for rest, for the most of us. This is a day you can rejoice in the Lord with others at church. I have decided to make this post about all the happy times I can remember in my life. Then I want you to say a happy memory in my comment or reply section. Sounds easy? Yes, so be thinking about what you are going to say when you get finished reading this. These will be in no certain order.

Friday nights, our family went to visit my father’s mother. Everyone in the family was there for her famous chili and hot dogs and all of us kids would go out side and play afterwards.

A day in fall, when all apples were bought, and everyone, adults, cousins, all pitched in and made home-made apple butter. We all ate picnic style and roasted marshmallows. This continued until dark. Us kids used the old out house for our bathroom, keeping the indoors clean for mom and dad.

Family reunions at a park a half an  hour away. Plenty of food and wonderful watermelon for dessert. This park had the biggest curly cue slide, and tire swings. We always fell asleep on the way home.

Spring time for me was great! I spent all free time after suppers with my husband and kids fishing for crappies and blue gills. In the late evenings we would go back and fish for catfish.

The day I got married. The dreams I had of a happily ever after life.

The day I got divorced.

The feelings I had when I looked into each of my new babies eyes and touched their soft skin.

Summer church camp. Every summer, new friends, new crafts, my first time accepting Jesus as my own.

The day I was finally able to open my own antique store, holding the license in my hand.

Going down to my grandmas, who lived next door to us, and having a piece of fresh, warm peach pie with ice-cream melting on top, or half-frozen fresh peaches.

One Christmas I received my first piano.

Each summer my mother-in-law and my daughter and I would walk back the long lane to pick blackberries, and then also given blackberry jam to take home.

My mother-in-laws wonderful home-made cinnamon rolls with lots of gooey butter cream icing.

Christmas eve dinner with my mom and dad and my family. Dad’s eyes sparkling as all the gifts were opened, he would go into his bedroom and bring each of us a brown, paper lunch bag. Inside was a giant Hershey candy bar and a two litre bottle of pop.

Dad and I spending quality time together in the basement. Him working on his wood projects and me asking too many questions. He never seemed to tire of them.

Finding my dad’s artist brush after his passing. A small thing with a huge memory of how dad loved to paint.

Looking at the baskets I have placed around my home, knowing it was mom’s last project she had made. She was always going to some sort of class, and this was her last, basket weaving. I treasure them so.

Getting the text or phone call that my daughter and her family are coming here for a visit.

Early mornings. Peace and quiet time. Spend time with God and my friends here at WordPress.

Rearranging my living room furniture. Gives me great satisfaction, knowing every crook and cranny is clean and the room looks brand new with the furniture being moved.

Watching American Idol, two days a week.

Finding out unexpectedly that my best friend is coming to town to visit me.

Sitting in my swing in the evenings, watching the camp fire.

Celebrations, when all three of my kids and their families will be present.

Buying a new antique for my house. I love antiques.

Crossing the Indiana line, knowing I was coming home to be near my children again.

A day with no tears and no arguing.

When I lose more than one pound.

Alright friends, it is your turn. Happy Sunday, happy thoughts. Leave me one of your happy thoughts.

Very Inspiring Blog Award


Ed, my dear friend nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.

Ed is a very strong Christian man who never leaves my comment box empty. He always lifts me up with his words which are spoken from the heart and the Bible.

Thank you Ed, for this wonderful award.

Did you know that I used to stand five foot three and now stand five foot two from getting too old?

Did you know that I love the Victorian Era?

Did you know that I fall asleep every night to the Golden Girls?

Did you know that each time you comment, you are letting me more into your life, and I am loving our friendship?

Sara, a dear friend who shares with us her views and feelings of her life. You will want to read her blog, and follow them daily.kyllingsara.wordpress.com

Tahlitha- a friend to me. her blogs are something I look forward to reading. Very inspiring, and uplifting. You will be inspired by her writing. Check her blog site out! justmyfaithtalking.wordpress.com

You are to nominate others who you feel would enjoy this award and also tell seven things about yourself. Also send a link back to the one who nominated you!

Thank you once again, Ed. I feel blessed and you have made my Sunday much brighter.

One Fall Evening ,( This Could Cause Emotional Pain for those Who Were Abused.)

26b Innes House - HCM-73 (E)

26b Innes House – HCM-73 (E) (Photo credit: Kansas Sebastian)

She ran behind the house. Rapid breathing, she could hear her heart pounding and her pulse was skyrocketing. Tears were forming in her eyes.She had been sitting out on her porch swing, when three teenagers came emerging from the house next door. She had heard a gun shot, and when she heard this she ran. Her mind was racing. What had those guys been doing inside old Mrs. Wiley’s house, and what was the gun shot she had heard. She didn’t dare try to go inside her own house. They would see her. It was just dusk, and trees were casting shadows off her house. She could feel the cool breezes hitting her face. It was fall and leaves were falling. Any other time, she would have enjoyed watching this but now she stood frozen in her tracks, trying very hard not to breathe. Listening for the sounds of foot steps, wondering if they were going to  come  towards her. She heard a knock on her front door. Thankfully, her husband was at his bowling league tonight, and her two kids had been invited for sleep overs, so no one was inside. She again heard the door knock, but this time it was louder. Then the familiar squeak of the door being opened let her know that they were entering her sacred home. She wanted to get closer to see what they were doing. She wanted to scream at them to get out of her house, but she didn’t dare move.  The neighbor lady had seen me through her kitchen window, and came out her front door to see if I was alright. She was standing on her front porch, and calling to me. I could not and dare not speak. The neighbor called louder, and the men inside heard her voice. I heard glass breaking and another gun shot fired. The neighbor fell to the ground. Oh my God! They had shot her. I needed to call for help, get an ambulance! Should I go over to her and see if she is alright? She is lying there so motionless. No, I can’t risk it. I didn’t want my family to come home and find me lying dead. I knelt to the ground, crawling around the corner, trying to get as close to the neighbor as I could. I could hear the men talking from within the house, and I backed up a little. I softly called the neighbor’s name, but I got no response. I was at the back of the house and I could hear noises coming from within my bedroom. What were they looking for? What did they want? I felt as if I was being raped, right here for the whole world to watch. I was helpless, letting them do with me what they wanted. They were going through my dresser drawers. I could hear drawers being dropped on the floor. My mind could see them tearing all of my clothing out, and rummaging through my personal items, I kept hidden for my eyes only. It was as if they had torn my own clothes off and were inspecting all of my secret places. It was all laid out for the naked eye to see. I could tell by the sounds of the footsteps that they had moved now into our bathroom. All was very quiet then. Minutes turned into hours, lying there wondering their next move, wondering what they were looking for. How long was this going to continue. Since they were at the bathroom corner, I could quickly crawl over to the  neighbor and checked  on her. I crawled very quickly, not caring that twigs were scratching my skin. I bent over her and listened for her breathing. I called her name. I heard a grunt come out of her, and was thanking my God, that she was still alive. I told her to hang in there, that I would sneak into her house and call 911. Before even thinking about where the men were in the house, I raced into her house. Picking up the phone, I dropped it and it cracked. Darn it! Stupid, so stupid. I shook it over and over, trying to get a dial tone. Nothing. I prayed a quick prayer for God to bring this phone to life. I kept turning it over and over and shaking it. Finally a wire connected and I got a dial tone. Thank you God! I called 911 and quickly told them my name and address and what was happening. Before, they could say anything else, I laid the phone down and went back to the neighbor, letting her know I had called for help and assuring her that she was going to be just fine, just hang in there. I looked up to see if anyone was in my sight and raced back over to where I had been hiding. I forced my breathing to slow down, and I could feel my heart still beating very quickly. I spread myself out on the ground, lying on my stomach. I prayed right then and there for God to keep the neighbor and myself safe. I wasn’t ready to die yet. I had so much to live for. I wanted to see my children graduate from high school. I wanted to see them get married and see my grandkids. I wanted to tell my husband I loved him just one more time. Please Lord, don’t take me yet.  I was wondering about the first gun shot I heard and hoping that no one was hurt on the other side of my house. This street held senior citizens. It was the quietest street in the addition. I knew each of my neighbors, and we all kept an eye out for each other. Suddenly the quietness left and I heard the men standing on my porch talking and laughing. They were laughing about different things they had discovered within the house. I heard one of them say, ready? ready to hit the next house? I panicked. Which way were they going to go, around the front or the back of my house? I tried getting up and crawling in one direction, trying to get a peek at these men, wanting to know their next move. I made a mistake. I went the wrong direction. They saw me! They were coming towards me. I bent my head and began praying again. Please, please God, don’t let them hurt me. Go back inside and take anything, just don’t hurt me. The men could not hear my prayer as the came closer to me. They were finally upon me, staring down at me. They were snickering and mumbling how they had come across a fine piece. Better than all the items that they had taken in the house. The one bent over and touched my hair, and ran his hand down the side of my face. The others knelt also. They were all around me, leaving me no way to escape. I heard one of them asking another, what do you think! Is she worth it? I heard from within myself begging them to not hurt me, to leave me alone. You got what you wanted inside now go. I won’t say anything to anyone that you were here, just go. I could hear myself choking on my own sobs and tears but they were getting a great enjoyment out of my fear. One reached his hand down and undid my snap and zipper on my pants. I could hear the breathing becoming more rapid. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see what I could vision in my head. The other two were pulling down my pants, and before I knew it, I was naked and they were touching me. Running their hands over my legs and finding spots that were not to be found. The men were deciding which one was going to go first. Please Lord, just let them get this over with. Let them do what they want, but let me live. I could feel their hot breath on my breasts, and their slobbering lips and tongue. I was dying inside. Lord, where are you? I have prayed and you must answer me! Don’t let this happen to me! I promise, what ever it is you want from me, I will do it, I will even give up my smoking, if you will just let me live. My eyes were squeezed tight, trying to vanish all thoughts of what I could feel them doing to me. One of the men stood up and I could hear him unzipping his pants. He knelt over me and was getting ready to enter me. The other two were saying don’t take it all, save some for us. Just as he was getting so close to lying completely over me, I heard a gun shot. My body jumped from the sound, and I felt a chill run over me, as the man stood up to zip up his pants. I heard a voice telling them to stop, this is the police. Stay where you are and put your arms in the air. Two of them started to run, and I heard two separate gun shots be fired. The one trying to lie over me dropped to his knees. I saw him put his hands over his head. The officer cuffed him, and called for back-up. He came over to me and took his police jacket off and covered my nakedness. Soon there was sirens and cars all around the house. I was put into the hands of a female officer and the questions started coming. The one man was placed in the back of the car, and the EMS checked out the other two men, and they were going to be alright. They were both placed in the back of the EMS and taken to the hospital. I was sitting on the ground, and was explaining the gun shot I had heard first from one neighbor, and then told them about the other neighbor lying on the ground on the other side of the house. All I could do is sit there. Police were inside my house, checking for evidence of what had happened here. This seemed like hours, and I was still sitting here naked under the officers jacket. I could feel my body becoming cold. Fear leaving my soul, the heat escaping with it. A chill set in. The female officer came back to me and helped me get into my clothes. Soon another officer came up and said he was sorry to say but the one neighbor had died, and the other neighbor lady was being given her last rites. I started sobbing. I had promised her, that she would be alright, and I couldn’t keep that promise. The female officer rest her arms around me and said everything that could be done was. That it was their time to go,but not mine. They had lived a good life and they were with God now. I stood up with the help of the officers, and felt my legs wobble. They were barely holding me up. The inspection was done for now, so they helped me back into my house. The police inspector came to me and we walked through our bedroom. The medicine cabinet door was open, and all the medicine bottles were gone. I looked at the open dresser drawers, and saw the bag that I kept hidden laying open. They had taken the money I had hidden for our anniversary. I was saving to buy my husband a new bowling ball and bag. The officers told me as we went through the house, that these men were probably looking for drug money, that most break ins are petty theft and this is pretty common in this city. I heard him but to me it wasn’t common and it was not petty.