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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

There is something about Sundays and I have great memories of Sundays. This is a day of the week for rest, for the most of us. This is a day you can rejoice in the Lord with others at church. I have decided to make this post about all the happy times I can remember in my life. Then I want you to say a happy memory in my comment or reply section. Sounds easy? Yes, so be thinking about what you are going to say when you get finished reading this. These will be in no certain order.

Friday nights, our family went to visit my father’s mother. Everyone in the family was there for her famous chili and hot dogs and all of us kids would go out side and play afterwards.

A day in fall, when all apples were bought, and everyone, adults, cousins, all pitched in and made home-made apple butter. We all ate picnic style and roasted marshmallows. This continued until dark. Us kids used the old out house for our bathroom, keeping the indoors clean for mom and dad.

Family reunions at a park a half an  hour away. Plenty of food and wonderful watermelon for dessert. This park had the biggest curly cue slide, and tire swings. We always fell asleep on the way home.

Spring time for me was great! I spent all free time after suppers with my husband and kids fishing for crappies and blue gills. In the late evenings we would go back and fish for catfish.

The day I got married. The dreams I had of a happily ever after life.

The day I got divorced.

The feelings I had when I looked into each of my new babies eyes and touched their soft skin.

Summer church camp. Every summer, new friends, new crafts, my first time accepting Jesus as my own.

The day I was finally able to open my own antique store, holding the license in my hand.

Going down to my grandmas, who lived next door to us, and having a piece of fresh, warm peach pie with ice-cream melting on top, or half-frozen fresh peaches.

One Christmas I received my first piano.

Each summer my mother-in-law and my daughter and I would walk back the long lane to pick blackberries, and then also given blackberry jam to take home.

My mother-in-laws wonderful home-made cinnamon rolls with lots of gooey butter cream icing.

Christmas eve dinner with my mom and dad and my family. Dad’s eyes sparkling as all the gifts were opened, he would go into his bedroom and bring each of us a brown, paper lunch bag. Inside was a giant Hershey candy bar and a two litre bottle of pop.

Dad and I spending quality time together in the basement. Him working on his wood projects and me asking too many questions. He never seemed to tire of them.

Finding my dad’s artist brush after his passing. A small thing with a huge memory of how dad loved to paint.

Looking at the baskets I have placed around my home, knowing it was mom’s last project she had made. She was always going to some sort of class, and this was her last, basket weaving. I treasure them so.

Getting the text or phone call that my daughter and her family are coming here for a visit.

Early mornings. Peace and quiet time. Spend time with God and my friends here at WordPress.

Rearranging my living room furniture. Gives me great satisfaction, knowing every crook and cranny is clean and the room looks brand new with the furniture being moved.

Watching American Idol, two days a week.

Finding out unexpectedly that my best friend is coming to town to visit me.

Sitting in my swing in the evenings, watching the camp fire.

Celebrations, when all three of my kids and their families will be present.

Buying a new antique for my house. I love antiques.

Crossing the Indiana line, knowing I was coming home to be near my children again.

A day with no tears and no arguing.

When I lose more than one pound.

Alright friends, it is your turn. Happy Sunday, happy thoughts. Leave me one of your happy thoughts.

51 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts

  1. My happy thought is the day Jesus came into my life.

    Sundays are a great time to reflect on the happy days of your past and to pray for the blessings of many more!

    Walk daily with God at your side.



  2. This is easy for me, because those are the memories I hold to that get me through the toughest times. My best memories are the births of my oldest and youngest daughters, the adoptions of my 3 middle daughters, meeting my two stepsons for the first time, my marriage to my husband Don and our dates when he was courting me, and when my mom would gather the family around the piano to sing together when I was young.


  3. Sometimes we would go make a grocery shopping trip to neighboring towns to get groceries at a supermarket. I like those memories, and before Christmas when we’d go to a big discount store in a neighboring town to do our shopping, or maybe to the mall in Amarillo where I’d go pick out gifts for people on my list. Never had a lot of money for it, but those are happy memories. Shopping trips weren’t very frequent, so it was a special thing. I also remember piling in the car with my grandparents on Sundays sometimes for a Sunday drive…maybe out to Lake Meredith or something.


    • o i always loved the sunday drives also, and at christmas time driving and looking at the lights. we didn’t do a lot of shopping either, groceries or sears for parts.lol


  4. I am full of Happy Memories…
    crayons, coloring books, school, the creek in our backyard, catching tadpoles…, sanwiches made with Mom’s big metal cookie cutter, back scratches…now and then…Boyfriends, friends, sisters, brothers, great parents, my husband, Bobby coming home from Viet Nam, my son’s, my grandchildren, our first home, my home now, animals (pets), nature (flowers)… Oh, you should never have asked…I always have an answer to what anyone asks…Maybe you like…maybe you don’t…But, I always have lots to say…I’m sure this got us thinking! ~mkg


    • i love the idea of sandwiches being made out of cookie cutters. now you don’t seem the type that caught tadpoles, but i see here that you did!! i love having back scratches. that is the one thing about not having a mate that i miss. what state do u live in Baby? and thanks for the wonderful read


      • I believe I’m older than you…born in 1949…in Louisville, Ky…Marilyn is the name…and still here…although I married my husband of 43 years from Macon, Georgia…and hate to say it…but, I’m not sure of the state you are in…just missed it I guess…~mkg


  5. Great post Terry! My happy Sunday thoughts are of the great dinners we always had after church. My grandma, and mother were both great cooks. Dessert was the best part of the meal. They both were outstanding dessert-makers.


  6. Okay, my most precious memory is when I was pregnant and carrying my beautiful babies that God entrusted into our care. I just marveled as each month passed and they were finally born. As I looked into their faces of innocence ….the love for them overwhelmed me…..Diane


    • wasn’t that just the most amazing miracle God blessed us with? i actually always missed being pregnant. feeling them kick and move. i know what u mean about their faces. i couldn’t take my eyes of each one, and i have three. all so beautiful, of course i am prejudice!


  7. Lovely, happy thoughts!

    I’ve had a happy day today: a lovely service at church this morning; I found something precious to me that I thought was lost; I visited friends and ate a delicious meal.

    These memories will stay with me.


  8. Love this post, angel Terry, and your happy memories. What great things to think about and write about! I smiled when I read you watch American Idol, because I have been too, and enjoy it! 🙂 love and prayers and thanks!


  9. some of my favorite childhood memories envolve the short road trips to visit my cousins i.e. aunts/uncles. Another is that sometime in the summer we would make homemade ice cream. The kids would take turns turning the paddle then when it got hard to do the adults took over.


    • aww home made ice cream, my dad made it several times during the summer, but when mom passed away in 2000, he never made it again and now he has been gone four years. i miss my folks so darn much. i still have a large void in my heart and have never gotten back to the way i was


  10. I remember how I felt wheni returned home in March,even though the circumstances were a bit sad, it felt amazing to be with my best friend again. I was literally bursting with joy sitting there next to him, knowing that I would have an awesome day with my friends.**** I remember the Sabbaths we spent with Granny singing hymns and then just sitting contentedly by her knees.****I remember coming home from school knowing Granny would be making my favourite soup just with me in mind. ***Thanks for the uplifting reminders Terry!!!


  11. Joy? A quick one. Newly divorced, I was settled happily (though still in some psychological pain) in my own little apartment. Out shopping, I spotted the teakettle I wanted, took it to the check-out counter, and bought it! No permission from my husband, no wondering if my in-laws would approve. I just bought it (with my own money, mind you. My successful career had me a in position where I could do that.) It felt like Christmas morning and I had just given myself a present. Sometimes it’s the things that look little to people on the outside that are really big.


    • when i got divorced, it was from a very controlling, insecure man. the first night i stayed in my new apartment, i got up in the middle of the night, took my shower and went and got groceries. i know it sounds silly, but it was the freest feeling i have ever had. what kind of work do u do?


  12. The happy memory is what makes us be able to deal with the hard times …. It doesn’t matter when they have come into our life. Did have a terrible childhood as such – but it wasn’t that funny at times. Brilliant post again, Tilly …


  13. I loved Sunday afternoon drives in the country, painting pictures, doing crafts. When my maternal grandparents were alive we would go every Saturday evening for a visit and in the winter my dad would pull me back and forth on a sled. I love to stroll through Waterworks Park in a small town not far from here and to take lots of pictures of the flowers and geese. It was an exciting day a couple of months ago when I received a printed copy of one of my full-color manuscripts (still unpublished except for that copy). And yesterday I was at the 60th birthday party for my pastor. Quite a few of the leadership at the church were there and for most of the time we were outside in the yard of one of our elders. It was like a park. And the weather was beautiful. It got cool later and we ate our dessert inside before we “roasted” the pastor (only with good stuff). And it was a happy day when I found out that I had won a creative non-fiction writing contest and received a cheque for $100.00!


    • wow, what wonderful memories. my granddaddy used to pull us kids on the back of his farm tractor, and the sled he pulled us on was an old ford truck hood. great times. that is wonderful about the print copy and the cheque. i sometimes wonder what it would b like to see my name on a book shelf, but i have no ideas as to how to find someone real and not a scam artist


      • I design my own covers, so I don’t have to worry about scammers. I use my own photography. I worked in graphic arts for about 15 years (that was many years ago).


      • wow, you are lucky. i have many photos that i love and have saved here on the computer. see? i didn’t even realize i could use those. i just have my pages of stories. i would need someone to go through them and sort them or do what they need to do. i need a teacher. i read on another blog that someone spent thousands to get their book published. i could not do that, too pricy for me


  14. Don’t ever consider spending that kind of money to publish. I think on CreateSpace you can pay a small amount and someone will help you with the cover. At least I think I have read in some post that this is the case. Perhaps you could check out an online class on putting a book together. Editors charge by the hour or by the page and it depends on how much editing must be done. It’s best if you can do the bulk of the editing yourself or if you have a friend who is knowledgeable in this area help – not for the final edit but to get it ready for a professional. If you have a local college where writing is taught you might get a student to do some editing for a reasonable price. Check around when the time comes and see what you can find.


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