Very Inspiring Blog Award

Ed, my dear friend nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.

Ed is a very strong Christian man who never leaves my comment box empty. He always lifts me up with his words which are spoken from the heart and the Bible.

Thank you Ed, for this wonderful award.

Did you know that I used to stand five foot three and now stand five foot two from getting too old?

Did you know that I love the Victorian Era?

Did you know that I fall asleep every night to the Golden Girls?

Did you know that each time you comment, you are letting me more into your life, and I am loving our friendship?

Sara, a dear friend who shares with us her views and feelings of her life. You will want to read her blog, and follow them

Tahlitha- a friend to me. her blogs are something I look forward to reading. Very inspiring, and uplifting. You will be inspired by her writing. Check her blog site out!

You are to nominate others who you feel would enjoy this award and also tell seven things about yourself. Also send a link back to the one who nominated you!

Thank you once again, Ed. I feel blessed and you have made my Sunday much brighter.

17 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award

  1. You have to have a special blog about all your awards soon. Congratulations, Terry.
    Don’t have to tell you again that you are worth every one of them.


  2. Blessings come in many shapes and forms. You are a true blessing to your readers who can live your experiences with your brother and offer their support.

    Walk daily with God at your side!



    • thank you my friend. you seem to understand what it is like here, although you are not. i have never met someone as compassionate and loving as you are. you are a true child of God


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