One Lovely Blog Award x 2

Phillipa is a newer follower to me.  She has a wonderful blog that will draw you in and make you hungry. Please check her blog site out!

Phillipa has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

As I was reading my comments, I came across someone else who has also nominated me for this award.

i am charm

This blog is so interesting. I am charmed has many interests, and you never know which topic it will be on. It could be on foods, or beautiful photos. Make sure to check this out!

Thank you to both of you for this beautiful, red heart, award! You have both made my day brighter! Each time I receive an award, I thank God for his works that he helps me to write. I am truly a blessed woman.

What is something that you already don’t know about me?

Did you know that I am a true blonde, but hate it? I have dyed my hair darker for years.

Did you know you can find me at Facebook? Either under, or Terry Shepherd.

Did you know that I was too shy to let anyone read my stories, until nine weeks ago?

My nominees for this fine award go to……….drum roll, please,,,,,I can’t hear you!! louder. ok, I hear you now!!


great photographer!

a blog that makes you feel calm and brings an inner peace when you read.

Terri, is a person has helped me to understand that what I represent, I can be proud of. I am so glad that we have crossed paths on WordPress.

Thank you again Phillipa, for what you have given me.


30 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award x 2

  1. Terry, Congrats to you!! You will have to make a page like I have to keep all these on 🙂 I have this one already but I do appreciate you thinking of me and I am so glad that we have met here on wp too!! hugs…


    • i have thought of this also. making a new page for the awards. i don’t really know how many i have, but i think when i get one i don’t already have, maybe i can do this. thank you for the high praise my friend


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