The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Aina, is such a sweet friend of mine. She is from Hawaii, and has a blog based on life, love, and poetry. She always ask about Al and always sends him her love with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. You are supposed to tell seven things about yourself, but you all know too much about me, and I am finding that you may be learning too much. I have shown much weakness lately. I think I am just tired, so trying to place a smile on my face more often, and pray even harder to keep my spirits up.

I will tell you that tonight, for the first time since I have moved back here, my son and his family, Al and me took Al’s new scooter and we all walked a path that was made for walking and seeing the beauty of God’s earth. Tomorrow, I will post the pictures for you to see.

For my nomination I would like to give this to

Paula is a new blogger friend of mine. She is a strong christian and I have already fallen in love with her blogs.

Thank you again, my dear Aina.!!!!!

31 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much but just one little thing I am not actually a christian I thought you would have seen me on bird’s page I am actually a pagan but I hope that wont change how you feel.


      • No need for apologies I know a lot of the people who come to you via Birds wonderful blog are christian. We might not always agree on everything and some times have to agree to disagree but in many things we are similar our empathy to the world around us, our love of family and the fact we all need a little rant every now and again


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