My Prayer

God’s beauty reflecting from the skies

Water feeding nature’s leaves

It is the perfect plan he said

To take away all your grieves

I sit on the water’s edge

Seeing the reflection of me

Now realizing that God hath made me

as perfect, as perfect can be.

I look way up into the skies

And tell him I am here

Please God watch over Al and me

Until our time is near.


Terry Shepherd

27 thoughts on “My Prayer

      • My day’s not too busy today. Pretty quiet, actually, for the most part. I actually caught up on reading some blogs that I’ve been unable to read over the last few days…not because of being busy entirely, but being too tired when I had the time. 🙂 Love you Terry. You are a blessing.


      • i am very proud to have you as my friend Anne. I always find that when I read your blogs, I somehow find myself connecting, as if we sometimes face the same in life


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