Letting It Go

I am listening to Joyce Meyers right now. I love watching her show. It is every day living at its best. I am always shown, and tonight is no different, things I can change about myself. I am hearing her say life is not fair. I didn’t expect her to say this, but I do think it more often than not. She is saying that if we consistently do what is right, we will get the right result in the end. I complain in my mind that I can not date, because no one wants a woman who is taking care of a brother. This is wrong! I get responses from men who are losers. They are looking for fun, not a future, not a family. I understand this to a point. We, in my age group, have raised our kids, and want some fun and relaxation now. When I look at it correctly though, I want a man who has compassion and a huge heart for life. Joyce is saying do what is right, even if you do not want to. You will be rewarded for it later. I think I fall into this category some what. I take care of my brother, because I choose to. I could look the other way and have strangers looking over him, but not caring for him in a more personal way, like I do. I am giving him a better quality of life, and I know this is what God wants me to do. She is now saying to quit telling people how to live their lives. This is one of the things I love about my friends here at WordPress. For the most part, my followers are supportive and not telling me everything they think I am doing wrong.  This is the best thing about having true friends. Friends do not judge or accuse each other, they support each other. She is commenting about how many of us have been mistreated as children and youth. God likes nothing better than taking people who have been hurt, abused, misjudged and telling God here I am, a broken mess, feelings all messed up, no confidence. Our Lord loves to give double blessings to those who come from hurt straight  to him for help. I have learned tonight, that my struggles are here to make me strong. My struggles are here for God to bless me for enduring them. I have learned that I can choose to not live with my past, to let it go, and to expect good things to happen each day from our wonderful Lord. This life I am living with my brother may not be so much about lessons that I need to  learn, but a way to show God that I trust him that he knows what he is  doing, and if I am  patient, and expect rewards from him through blessings, it makes my job much easier to do. I am pleasing someone. I am pleasing God. I worked so hard my whole life trying to please others. We can not please others. It is a no-win situation. We are humans. We can please God though,and this is the only person we need to be concerned with pleasing. I learned from Joyce tonight that I can say no. I do not have to bend over backwards, going beyond my own means. I don’t have to be a mean person, but there are boundaries, that each of us live in, and when we go outside of the realm, we are the ones who end up with hurt souls and a building up of anger within our hearts, and this ends up not being a peaceful house for God to live in. Yes, I love Joyce Meyers. I have to listen to it every day in order to keep learning and remembering. I am  human and forget many things. I can get wrapped up in my own life and my own feelings, and need to be reminded of how to move past this and continue my journey towards meeting God one day.

DILO 3-21-07 Listening to Joyce Meyer

DILO 3-21-07 Listening to Joyce Meyer (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

Thanks For Writing Award


Anne over at mylifeuncutalmost, nominated me for this wonderful award, called Thanks For Writing Award. I have never seen this and it is so pretty. Isn’t the flower gorgeous!

Thanks Anne for this award. I love reading Anne’s blogs. They are uplifting, inspirational, stories about her life. Be sure to go visit her blog. I know you will be hooked quickly like I was.

I honestly can not think of anything new to say about myself. I can tell you one thing.

I bought a new sweeper last evening, and I put it together all by myself! I was so proud of me. I took a blue print class once in a technical college, and after a couple of weeks the instructor asked me to stay after class. He said it so gently? He said, you have no talent in this class! I laughed with him because I knew this was so true. I can’t read a blue print, nor can I follow a written instruction. I have to glance at the photos that come with the instructions, and then figure it out on my own through trial and error. When I did complete this with no errors, I was yelling congrats to myself. My brother just looked at me like I was crazy and smiled. Hey, I was in my own house. If I want to make a fool out of me, what better place to do it! I didn’t have to hunt down some help, proving to us women, that we can do more than cook,clean, and make babies. We are productive in a man’s land. Yeah!

For nominations I would like to add these to the list. Please tell a few things about yourself. Make sure to give credit back to the person that nominated you, and make as many new nominations as you wish.

Again,,,,thank you my dear friend Anne!


thank you for being able to write and make me laugh or feel a part of your life


I love reading Viveka’s blogs. She makes my mouth water as she shares fabulous recipes with me.


Debbie always is an inspiration to me. She is strong in her faith, and has an excellent outlook on life


Julie, she is a brave woman who has a very loving family. I love to read each new blog as she writes, in order to follow her life with her. She has so much strength, I am always amazed.

Thank you Anne!!!

Another Child Of Mine

The king in his brand new Birthday chair which is over six feet tall and hold at least two people. My son, the youngest of the three of my children. He was always a special child to me, as when he was two years old he was diagnosed with a bone cancer. God had it happen at such a young age, as the doctors were able to go in their and completely remove the bone that was sick, and being his age, he was able to have a cast put on and after eight weeks, a new bone grew in making his leg whole again. God blessed him and has been walking with him from that day forward. We celebrated his birthday on this past Saturday, as his true birthday is on Tuesday, when more people are at work. Weekends are always a great time for family celebrations. You can see in the photos above, that he and his lady friend are sitting in the new big chair, watching their kids swimming. These are adorable grandchildren to me. Their ages bring with them much innocence still, and I wish it to remain as long as possible. The cake was decorated in purple and blues with the main theme of The Low Rider truck. My son loves car and truck shows and he travels to see them around the state. Although, it was his birthday, I didn’t bend the rules, and he still had to be the main chef. He roasted brats and hot dogs. Along with this were various salads and his new cake. I tried a new flavor of ice-cream, that my son told me to try. It was really good. It was called Banana Pudding, and it tasted just like it too!  We didn’t do anything special. We just had quality time and I made new memories for myself, watching the kids swim and seeing my brother, Al, in the above photo smile some this day. He did like hearing the boys scream and splash in the pool. I asked him if he would like to get his feet wet but he declined.  Two of my children’s birthdays are now here this year, and I have one more son to celebrate July 4th. Then have to wait another year before getting a bite of that white cake with the butter cream icing! Happy Birthday Son!!

The Sunshine Award


I have a fairly new follower and friend, who writes inspirational stories and poetry. When I looked at her profile, I was met by a most beautiful flower. Lady believes in helping others fulfill their passions in life. She also loves cats and her coffee! Check out her blog address from above. I am sure you will find her stories a breath of fresh air.

You are to tell things about yourself and also nominate other people who would enjoy this award.

Did you know that I love a checkbook that is messed up? I love the challenge of finding the mistake. I should have been the president of a bank. lol

Did you know that I also have two other web pages here at WordPress? Music for the soul, and Just Quotes?

Did you know that I have two Facebook pages titled Let’s Talk Art and Finding Solutions?

Did you know that I am left-handed?

For nominees I would like to choose every one of you, but I can not do this, so the ones I have picked today are


this is a strong lady of faith. her blogs are a real pick-me up for me


this is a man of many strengths. he has challenges that he faces each day and believes in God and I know that the good Lord is walking with him daily


Mona is someone I have very much respect for. She reads my blogs and I always feel that her responses back to them are done with thinking prior to writing. She is very talented and carries much wisdom in her words.

Again, Lady, thank you for nominating me for this award!!!