Thanks For Writing Award

Anne over at mylifeuncutalmost, nominated me for this wonderful award, called Thanks For Writing Award. I have never seen this and it is so pretty. Isn’t the flower gorgeous!

Thanks Anne for this award. I love reading Anne’s blogs. They are uplifting, inspirational, stories about her life. Be sure to go visit her blog. I know you will be hooked quickly like I was.

I honestly can not think of anything new to say about myself. I can tell you one thing.

I bought a new sweeper last evening, and I put it together all by myself! I was so proud of me. I took a blue print class once in a technical college, and after a couple of weeks the instructor asked me to stay after class. He said it so gently? He said, you have no talent in this class! I laughed with him because I knew this was so true. I can’t read a blue print, nor can I follow a written instruction. I have to glance at the photos that come with the instructions, and then figure it out on my own through trial and error. When I did complete this with no errors, I was yelling congrats to myself. My brother just looked at me like I was crazy and smiled. Hey, I was in my own house. If I want to make a fool out of me, what better place to do it! I didn’t have to hunt down some help, proving to us women, that we can do more than cook,clean, and make babies. We are productive in a man’s land. Yeah!

For nominations I would like to add these to the list. Please tell a few things about yourself. Make sure to give credit back to the person that nominated you, and make as many new nominations as you wish.

Again,,,,thank you my dear friend Anne!


thank you for being able to write and make me laugh or feel a part of your life


I love reading Viveka’s blogs. She makes my mouth water as she shares fabulous recipes with me.

Debbie always is an inspiration to me. She is strong in her faith, and has an excellent outlook on life

Julie, she is a brave woman who has a very loving family. I love to read each new blog as she writes, in order to follow her life with her. She has so much strength, I am always amazed.

Thank you Anne!!!

22 thoughts on “Thanks For Writing Award

    • it took me twice as long i am sure as it would have if i would ask my son, but hey, i did it!!! i look at the pictures, but i have to study them and place it all in order in my mind. does this mean i have a disability??? lol


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