I Saw This Scene

On my walk tonight I saw this scene

I heard it call my name

I looked above and shielded my eyes

And saw God’s hand as it came

To me. The glow of light from around his face

Looked gently down at thee

I turned around to see if anyone was about

No, it was only him and me.

The tears came softly down my face

As I got on bended knee

I had prayed so long for this moment to come

As his arms reached through the trees.

Oh Lord almighty I love you so

You have loved me all this time

And now you say it is time for me

To get up and rise, and leave all  this behind.

You lift me up into your hands

And carry me through the skies

I can feel your love surround me Lord

As you reach out and dry my eyes.

Heaven is just what you said it was

So peaceful, so light and oh so calm

To be with you now , my dream is fulfilled

We walk together side by side  walking through the palms.

Terry Shepherd





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