If I Was This Frog

If I was this frog, I’d tell you what I’d do

I’d climb upon your lap and tell you I love you

If you leaned down to kiss me

I would sit still as I could be

I would turn into your prince

And you would marry me!

Terry Shepherd

Photo taken by Terry Shepherd

31 thoughts on “If I Was This Frog

      • I love this side…the grandma who is speaking to a beloved grandchild. I think you found a niche for a book…a children’s book. You could even call it “The New Mother Goose.” Imagine a series of pictures and poems that speak of love, poems with a moral for children. It wouldn’t have to be a long book, just simple, sweet and full of humor, love, teaching, and you could dedicate it to your grandkids.


      • what an awesome thought!!! i always like your ways of thinking For. If i ever write a book, i can guarantee your name will be in there somewhere


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