With God, There Comes Peace

Last night another walk was taken

The three reasons I love to walk, are the fact that I can spend time with my family. Watching my grandson delight in nature places many smiles on my face. He thrills at squirrels that he sees, or baby bunnies. He races down the boardwalk as fast as his little legs will carry him. He spends much energy, that helps his parents to place him to bed easier that night. When we get a chance to see life through a child’s eyes, we can ponder on how we, ourselves lost part of our innocence, by worrying about tomorrow. Caiden lives for the moment. I need to practice this more often myself. A child does not know tomorrow. There are no schedules for him, no work to go to, no bills to worry about. Of course, we do have to be responsible adults, and make sure to pay the piper, but if we could trust God as much as this little boy trusts moment to  moments, we would be so much happier and have much more peace.

The second thing I love about walking, is it draws me closer to God. How can I look around at the beauty, and not realize that this comes from our perfect father in heaven. Everything God has ever done has been perfect. Even in a natural setting , where people have not touched its virgin land, everything is perfectly balanced. This is a time for me to thank God for all that I have. It is a time to cast my worries to the winds, and instead concentrate only for the moment, between God and me.

The third reason I love the walks is the opportunity to take photos. One of the photos I took last night, I already made a blog of it, placing a poem about the photo. I was brought so much peace and love from it, I had to share it with you immediately.  Nature photos are my favorite to take. When I look back at them, a peace comes over me, and for a few short moments, I am lost in my own time. If I can be given so much peace from one photo I have taken, can you imagine the peace we all could have if we turned all of our problems and life over to God?


35 thoughts on “With God, There Comes Peace

  1. Thanks for bring me along on your walk … I totally agree about walking – it is in the nature and things around us where the magic is. Beautiful photos. Looks a trendy has started … walking with my camera. Brilliant.


  2. This was beautiful! It described what I love most about spending time with children, because of their innocence, the way their faith is trusting and strong and not damaged by the worries of life, and how they see joy in everything new and every bit of God’s creation. If only we could be more like them. One day, when we are in Heaven, we will experience that pure joy again, as we roam the streets of gold and behold all that God has waiting for his children.


    • some days i can hardly wait. no more bad things, no jealousies, no hatred, no judgements, just pure love. thank u for this kind comment. i am glad that you liked this one


      • i look at young children as God’s most precious gift. Innocent, soaking up new things, spirited, plenty of laughter, tons of love to give. how anyone else can not see this, has never sat back and watched one


    • the boardwalk is very nice. peaceful, calm, and safe. the only thing you have to be careful of is, if you are not paying attention, bicycles and runners can run you over. haha


  3. Walking is a great time to sort things out and talk to God. I can’t wait until my little granddaughter and I can walk along the fields behind my house. I imagine her stopping and asking questions or collecting little treasures from our walks. Hold fast to the time that you have with that handsome boy. Joshlyn is almost six months old and honestly, sometimes I wonder where the time went. Thanks for a wonderful post, Terry. Lots of love, Sandy


    • the time goes so quickly. i can still remember when my first child was born. you have explained exactly what Joshlyn will do when that time comes. picking up everything and showing each piece to you with love in their eyes. thank u so much for the nice comment Sandy


  4. What a blessing it is to experience peace in the midst of the storms of life as we look to our Lord and Savior and place our lives in His hands. Thanks for a great reminder Terry. Lord bless you.


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