More To Me Than Writing

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I can not believe I am sitting here crying. No, not this time over Al, but for a blogger friend, Mona.

When I started blogging, I thought only of myself. The situation I was in, with no one to speak to about my feelings, my frustrations. I felt so alone and many times unloved, just doing a job, which I thought no one even cared if I did it or not.

As time went by, I started meeting people. I was so excited that people were clicking on my stories. It went from one click three months ago, to over 23,000 today. I know it isn’t the numbers that matter, but for me, the numbers mean people, and people mean someone is out there. I am not alone. When comments started to arrive, I felt like I was communicating with someone who could understand not only what I was going through, but we were beginning to become friends. To me, cyber friends is just as important as having a real friend in life, that I can see and touch. I can see your words. I can feel your pain, and happiness. I can feel you reaching out to me.

I didn’t realize until this very moment how important you have become in my life. I didn’t see what was building here. Not only clicks, and comments, but the real thing was friendship. You have shown me that I matter. You have shown me that I am more than a caregiver for Al, that I am a person, a human, deserving to have feelings, and thoughts.

I don’t want the changes to happen. I want to keep all of my friends on here, but change does have to happen. It is a part of life.

I just wanted you to know, that you are more than blogger friends to me, you are reality to me, humans to me, and friends, that I treasure.

I love who you are Mona, and I respect your need for change.

I dedicate this blog to one I respect so much. Mona.

42 thoughts on “More To Me Than Writing

  1. Those comments and clicks are affirmations, Terry, that someone is listening to you.
    Keep writing, my friend.


    • thank you Teresa. I haven’t seen u for awhile. hoping you are enjoying the warmer weather and all is well with you. I like it that at least one is always listening. i just hate talking to myself. lol


  2. I agree with you Terry. The blogging community is a wonderful place to be a part of. I appreciate everyone I visit and everyone who visit me. Change does come but there is always someone one there to listen and support.



  3. Thank you for sharing thoughts that I have been feeling, too. What a great place to share life~blogging fills many needs in our lives. Good luck to Mona on her new adventures. 🙂


  4. Terry, I think your thoughts here (and your tears) are felt by a lot of us in this “blogger’s world”. I teared up last night…so I truly understand!
    Praise for His blessings and how He chooses to show us just how unique and special each one of us are.
    You are a one-of-kind gentle, gracious woman…:) Never forget how much He loves you and so we…your blogger buddies


    • thank you Streim. i always take comments to heart and hold them close to me. taking care of my brother doesn’t allow the outlets that i used to have, and God has found other ways for me to have friends. it is just amazing to me how God works. I don’t have to pretend, or be someone else, i can be myself. some of you probably know me better than my own children do


  5. Dear, dear Terry: At 50 years old, I have become a pretty good judge of character. My BS meter is pretty accurate too. YOU are genuine and it’s pleasure to read about your life (good snd bad times), your prose, and your poetry.

    I take great pride in choosing talented and sincere FRIENDS. Yes ma’am, you are a friend. I speak of you to my “local” friends and Al is even on the prayer list at my church!

    So you can cry. “Blog buddies” are real friends. One day I hope to meet all of them. Perhaps at Bird’s since it seems to be near the center of the country. 😉

    Terra and I found out we live in the same city! Just got her info and I’ll be calling her for lunch soon! Isn’t that great?

    Just thought I’d tell you how important you are to me and so many others! Brava, Terry! Love, Sandy


    • it is early in the morning as i am reading your comment, and it makes tears well up in my eyes. i always hate to admit out loud that i NEED someone, but i do. the need to feel accepted, sometimes is overbearing for me. i understand where it is based from, but it doesn’t seem to be any less today than yesterday. to know that your church prays for Al, just makes me want to bow down to God for this miraculous way of how he helps others from far away. i love my blogger friends, including you. This has been a huge honor to me, to be blessed by your friendships. I wish i lived in a closer area. I have found one blogger friend who lives less than two hours from me. we are hoping to meet one day this summer.
      thank you for this wonderful comment. i will treasure it always


  6. What a nice touch … I understand that Mona is very special to you and she are always there with advice and comfort – fantastic !!!! She has the same surname as me too. *smile – yes, that is what happens in life .. people we hold special moves on, understand your sadness. Beautiful post dedicated to a beautiful person.


  7. I so agree…I go to my computer with anticipation of hearing from my blogging friends…I tell people about “my friends”…as if I see them every day…It’s expanded my life…and helped me to give back…Thanks for sharing Terry…


    • there is something different about blogging friends. they accept me and you. we never have to pretend. i also go to the computer to talk to my friends. this is why the comment section is so important to me. thank you Marilyn for reading my blog and sharing your voice with me


  8. Me, too. I guess that shouldn’t be so amazing, really. We’re all real people typing these words … And frankly, I think we write about way more personal stuff than we normally would discuss with someone we just met. It makes sense we would bond with each other!


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  10. Terry, what you wrote here is so true about how real and important blog friends can be. I began blogging about 4 years ago, and despite having a large circle of “friends” I really had no one who wanted to listen to what was really on my mind. I found through the blogosphere people who care and who listen and support one another and their influence has changed the way I see the world and enriched my life in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.


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