She Is Beautiful
















This is another photo that I took last night on my walk. She sat still for me just long enough to capture her beauty.

Resting gently on this tiny leaf

This beautiful butterfly caught my eye

Sun bouncing from its wings

I caught this shot, before she began to fly.

I walked up slowly

Not wanting to scare her away

I had my camera ready and aimed

Please praying for her to stay.

She seemed to know what I was doing

As she made no attempt to leave

She spread her wings so wide for me

As if caught in a spider’s weave.

I got up even closer still

And could see all  her splendor

I snapped this photo for you to see

How beautiful, delicate and tender.

Photo by Terry Shepherd

Written by Terry Shepherd




28 thoughts on “She Is Beautiful

    • someone told me Painted Lady, but i am not sure. if you find out let me know also, please. i love taking photos and love sharing them more. i always saw myself in dreams of being a well known photographer. this will not happen at my age now, but i do love being an ameteur!


  1. Beautiful .. all together – haven’t seen a butterfly this year, we have full autumn for the moment – so bitterly cold, windy and wet. Hate it. Thanks for this bit of summer.


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