Reader Appreciation Award

This morning started off badly, as the caregiver came to the house and rang the door bell, only to get no answer, as I had slept over.

I had a bad morning earlier. I was awakened by my heart fluttering. This is an important sign to me, signaling me my blood sugars have dropped to low. I got up and got me some sugar and went back to bed, only to sleep to soundly and too well.

The caregiver had to wait on us, as Al was also sleeping. He gets up later and later as his nasty tremors keep him awake so much at nights. So finally both of us awake, he is showered, and she is gone. I am sitting here drinking my coffee and going through comments and blogs, putting my one cent in at times, and I come across this award for me.

At this moment I am wondering how much they would appreciate me if they knew I had just gotten up and started my day off on the bad foot.

My eyes opened up wider as I saw the award was given to me by my dearest friend, Sara. Sara is a wonderful woman, I became close to almost immediately from the time I joined WordPress. Please check out her blog as it is real, and you will not be able to leave once you start reading them each day.

I am supposed to answer these questions

1.What is your favorite color, any pastels

2.What is your favorite animal,  dogs

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink,  water

4.Facebook or twitter, both

5. Favorite pattern, smooth, calming

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents, giving, always

7. Favorite number, 7

8. Favorite day of the week, Sunday

9. Favorite flower, lily

10. What is your passion, antiques

Now for nominations

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