Trying Out My New Camera

Tonight I was fortunate enough to get to go another walk. Al is not feeling too well, as you can see by his photo. His ankles are hurting full-time now. The muscles are getting weaker, causing him pain when he stands on them.

This deer was looking right at me. He asked me to take his photo, so I did as I was told.

The delicate purple flower, I could not resist. It was so graceful standing there.

The water hugging the tree root, just caught my eye and I had to capture it for my memories.

The three people are my son, his lady friend, and her child.

Of course, this last photo is my brother Al. I took the walk to try to take his mind off of his pain, and it did help for a while.

I just love these walks. It is so peaceful, so close to God. Each time I can see some more proof of God’s beauty

Now we are home and Al is targeted in on his pain, so I am going to surprise him with his bedtime snack and give him some strawberry short-cake with whip cream. This should bring at least a small smile.


39 thoughts on “Trying Out My New Camera

  1. Great photos, angel Terry! I can’t believe that deer stood there for you! 🙂 Praying for Al tonight, for rest and peace and comfort for the pain and frustration of this disease. love and hugs for you! God bless you!


  2. Wov, Terry ….. wonderful that you have got the camera out too … love the 3rd photo – it’s so beautiful you really got some depth into it – play around all the time, have you camera in the handbag where ever you go. It’s like I can hear the stream looking that it. Wonderful! Also it helps you relax and put your mind on to other things. So proud of you. Keep going, girl!


    • thank you Viveka. i have to admit while i had the camera i forgot all about Al’s illness and problems. it was great! thank u for the compliment! means a lot to me coming from a professional!!!


  3. I love the photos. What a great camera! And how fortunate that you live in such a gorgeous place! Lifting Al up in prayer for his pain too. Sandy


    • i love taking photos, but just an ameteur. the boardwalk it is called where we walk. it is on the outskirts of the city, where the city has built a wooden boardwalk right down the middle of nature. thanks for keeping Al in your prayers. i know that i appreciate it….


      • Not at all! You were posting like 4 a day, so naturally, doing one a day brings that stats lower. 😀 Just keep reading, commenting, and the like. It will come back up! It’s always good to seek out other bloggers perspectives too on life as it makes you realize you’re not alone, though I’m sure you are doing that. 😀



  4. Those small smiles make it all worth it.
    Lovely photos. What kind of camera? (I’m shopping for one before we take a trip.)


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