Dear Lord, I Have Been Busy Today

Dear Lord, I have been busy today, but in the back of my mind, I have thought of you many times.

Al woke up this morning, in pain once again Lord. This is breaking my heart, and I am asking you to bless him once again. His tears start as soon as he tries to get out of bed, and he struggles so hard. He is proud Lord. He refuses my help, as he wants to prove to himself that he can do it. Give him strength Lord, dry his eyes. Let him know that you are with him.

The day went without incident, and I thought we were going to go garage saleing with family, but we did not end up going, maybe tomorrow. Al rested on his bed most of the morning, so that he would have the energy to be able to go. Lord, I pray that you give Al strength.

My son and his family did come down in the early afternoon. They looked at the pool that had been leaking water, and found the hole and patched it. I wondered if the raccoons had been trying to get into the pool to get a drink, since the hole looked more like a tear than a regular hole. My son worked on his toys, his car, and lawn mower, and his girlfriend and I decided to build a fire in the pit. Lord, I pray that you help me to stay smiling while family is here, and not let me yawn, as this has become the time of day, I have gotten used to taking a nap with Al.

From the fire being built, we decided to cook supper over the coals, so I wanted to go to the grocery store while the girlfriend stayed here with her son. I came into the house to check on Al and to let him know I was leaving for about a half of an hour. I stopped dead in my tracks, as I looked in. He was lying flat on his back. His arms stretched out to both sides. Al never changes his sleep pattern. He always sleeps on his stomach. I waited a few seconds and then moved closer to him wanting to make sure he was breathing. Just as I got a foot away from his still body, he let out a huge snore. I just about jumped out of my shoes! I think I let down a tiny trickle also! LOL. Lord, I thank you for letting Al catch up on some much-needed sleep. He gets so little sleep anymore Lord. You know his tremors act out so much at nights that he finds it hard to settle into sleep. Lord, I ask you to bring his tremors to rest, at least through the nights.

At the store,  I picked up some nice ground beef, some corn on the cob, frozen peas, zucchini, and yellow squash, a fresh pineapple, and a discounted box of chocolate cupcakes with white icing, and some diet sierra mist. The bill for these few items almost made me gasp, but I think I am getting used to going into shock at the grocery store, so I think the cashier didn’t even hear me take my medium inhaled  breath. Lord, I thank you for helping make it possible to put this wonderful food on our table, and for letting no one here go hungry. I pray that you help others as much as you help  Al and me, and that there are no empty tummies tonight.

I took the corn and pulled back the husks, and took all of the hair off. I sliced the zucchini and yellow squash and washed them. I cut up the fresh pineapple into chunks. The corn and the vegetables I soaked in cold water for thirty minutes. After the soaking was done, I rubbed butter, salt, and pepper on the corn, and wrapped the husks around their bodies, and twisted the tops tight. The vegetables, after soaking I dried off and poured a little olive oil, along with salt and pepper and some greek seasoning. The hamburgers were formed mixing A-1 sauce, salt, pepper, and some garlic seasonings. The hamburgers went first on the coals, and then the veggies, and lastly, the pineapple. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to see and to read. Without the help of Paula Dean’s summer menu, I would never have been able to grill our entire supper.

Everyone was hungry, except Al. He is eating less and less. From what he tells me, he is tired of fighting the tremors. His facial tremors are probably the worst for him, as it affects his eating and speaking. He spills food or can’t get it into his mouth. He can not get any closer to his plate than what he already does. He ate one hamburger in a bun, and some fresh peas. He ate no desserts nor nothing else. Everyone else ate hearty. We all thought the grilled veggies and pineapple could not have tasted any better. Lord, I thank you for allowing some food to get into Al’s body. I ask you for your help on how I can get him to eat more. Please give me some ideas.

After supper and clean up was done, there was very little chit-chat as all were full, and Al had went back into the house and to his room. We all decided to call it a night.

So you see Lord, as I said, I was pretty busy today, but you never left my mind. You know my troubles and concerns Lord. Give me strength to carry out your wishes, and guide me each day. Help me to lean and trust on you Lord. You know the reasons that you are waiting to heal Al. I do not know, and I do not want to keep trying to figure it out. I have done this, and it does no good. I thank you once again Lord, for giving me this warm, sunny day. I thank you for letting me have one more day to spend with family and Al, and I thank you for the peace and quiet that I have at this very moment. Amen

Listen & Write – Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie, June 8, 2012

Listen & Write – Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie Credits go to Ermilia at this blog address.

Lilly had worked hard her whole life. Each school year that passed by, she made great efforts to be the best she could be. She wanted to attend a well-known college, and not only grades were taken into consideration, but her morals and attitudes about life were also considered.

Lily had just graduated high school. She had one summer to live life, and have fun before she started her college years with her scholarship she had been awarded. Her whole life was on the uphill swing. She had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

She wanted to get a part-time job, so that not only would it give her more money, but it would make the lazy summer days go by  more quickly. She filled out an application for a popular dive in her local city, and was hired as a waitress there on the spot. She was so excited! Her first day was to be tomorrow.

She rushed home to tell her mom about it, and then she made some phone calls to her friends letting them know about her new job. That evening she spent in front of her bedroom mirror, putting her hair in different styles, to see which she would look best in with her new waitress cap. She tried on different eye shadows and finally found all the make-up she wanted to use and laid them out neatly on her dressing table for the next morning.

The next day she was awake before the alarm went off. Jumping up out of bed with excitement, she ran downstairs to the kitchen, gave her mom a quick peck on the cheek, drank a glass of orange juice, then left to prepare for her first day of work.

The first customer she waited on she was somewhat shy and nervous, making sure she  was saying all of the correct things and had a nice smile on her face. He was a handsome man. She could barely keep her eyes off of his eyes and smile. She took his order, and turned it in. She got his drink ready and took it to him. He smiled and asked her name.  She told him Lily.

His order was ready and she took it to him. She waited on other customers but remembered her first customer of the day.

Time went by and she had the same customer each time, the first of the day. After time went by, they ended up moving in together. They were madly in love. Their love produced a child, and he wanted nothing to do with this. He left her sitting there on the bed.

She was heart-broken, but knew that she had to give up the child-like attitude and realize she was now responsible for another life.

She got off of the bed, and went home. She and her mom cried together. She stood up and brushed her hair out of her eyes. Her shoulders went back, and she stood standing tall, thinking, Big girls don’t cry.

Free Write Friday, June 8, 2012

Lost at sea. The ship had overturned, and all were to be seen floating, including  me. The waters were so cold, even with the sun shining hot all around us. We had taken the boat out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Too many people enjoying this relaxing time. Lots of alcohol and plenty of food. I can remember watching different guys trying to help the captain of the boat steer it. Running into him or the wheel. Beer spilling on to the deck. Too loud laughter being heard. I found my own self even laughing at this scene. Women and men climbing the poles, hanging on to the sails, and climbing back down. The morals were thrown out the window that day. Even couples were making love right there on the deck for the whole world to see. I remember looking over the edge of the boat and seeing large fish swimming by and wondering if I also jumped in, if I could keep up with them. Shading my eyes with my hands, I could see an island way in the distance. It looked so small from here.  What started out was a plan, a day of relaxation. What ended up was more stress than I could even imagine at my very own job. The laughter and silliness kept rising, until finally  a fight broke out over who wanted to be the captain and steer the boat. People started panicking, screaming for the three men to stop. The fun was all over, break it up, but these words all fell on deaf ears. I saw one man have a bloody lip and another’ s eyes was beginning to swell. With the men forcing the wheel to go back and forth, and crazy ones dangling from the sails, the boat tipped. All I could hear is screams, fear rippling from their throats. Suddenly thrashing in the waters could be seen, and all were grasping for part of the ship they could cling to in order not to drown. Silence overcame the screams, as I knew all of us were reliving this day, and realizations of what we had allowed ourselves to become. Instant sorrow over took me for my stupidity of this day. I had let myself go out of control. Now we were each on an island of our own, hoping and praying for safety and rescue. The seas were calm, as I floated my way to the small island ahead.

Thank-you for allowing me to try my hand at Free Write Friday