Torn Heart

Feeling down feeling low

I am the target today

I feel like I am spinning out of control

My powers all taken away.

My age has no matter

My wisdom be gone

You think I have no mind at all

My smiles you have turned upside down.

You believe you are all so wise

But I guarantee that you’re not

You have belittled me enough

You disrespectful little snot.

Now you have left  me ever so tired

Too weak to do a thing

No thoughts, no tears, come from within

No songs no hums to change this swing.

When you were only a small young child

The love I had would never part

Now you are grown and it only seems

You are here to break my heart.

I never dreamed it would be this way

I can remember  the day you were born

I held you in my arms with joy and love

And now my heart is torn.

One day my child I will be gone

No more love to share

You will look back at these days

And wish you could go back and repair.

Now you have children of your own

Please treat them with respect and love

And hope that when they have completely grown

They don’t turn on you like you did to your one above.


Terry Shepherd

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



20 thoughts on “Torn Heart

  1. One of the signs of Judgement Day in Islam is when mothers will give birth to their masters, as in children who do not listen, obey, or respect their parents. I am more fearful of this. May you be close to God always… 😀



  2. Hugs and prayers for His grace and healing touch . . .and lots of love. I’m glad that you can get some of this out through writing, angel Terry. It is a good poem, that expresses what you were feeling and experiencing so well! When grown children disrespect us, it hurts deep. love and prayers!


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