All In Two Hours

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the ...

A credit card, the biggest beneficiary of the Marquette Bank decision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to share this short story because it really is funny now that it is over. I don’t get a chance to write too many funnies, so I am grabbing this one.

As you all know, my roof was being replaced by a brand new black roof this week! Also, at four this afternoon, it was completed. I wanted to jump up and down for joy. I wanted to eat a popsicle like a child, do somersaults in the yard, go ride a bike! The freedom of having it over was huge! No more men on my roof, no more pounding of hammers and noisy air compressors, nail guns. It is quiet now. Tomorrow, I won’t be jumping up and down, as I have to go outside and clean up the last of the mess on the ground, more bending over. Maybe I will have lost a whole inch in the waist from doing this for four days in a row.

So, the men are done, and they are paid. I had to get the air gun back to the store I rented it from by five. I paid so much for the first twenty-four hours, and then when ever the store was open for business, they also charged me so much per hour I had it. I ended up having it an extra eighteen hours, and this gave me a bill of eighteen dollars. I wasn’t in shock over it, but it was still enough with the beginning they charged first.

I went to pay for it on my charge card, when I took the nail gun back, and I could not find my card. I carefully looked through my cards a couple of times, but no card. I glanced behind me to see if I was holding anyone up and there wasn’t anyone. I looked in other places in my purse where I keep cards I don’t use very much, but nothing. I then became a little agitated and embarrassed because I couldn’t find this card. I dumped my purse on the counter, and everything fell out, including empty mint wrappers, some loose change, and a dirty kleenex. I stooped to pick up the loose change on the floor and noticed two people in line behind me and they were just watching me and smiling. Oh geesh, I thought to myself, I better find this stupid card, now! Lord, I need your help, like right now? Can you help me find my card? No response, no card, but I did leave the store with a nice cleaned out purse.

I went home and looked through my purse again. You know how it is when you are nervous, you can overlook something, and it was there all the time. Nope, not this time. I looked in drawers, although I never put cards there. I dug through trash cans, nasty, now I have to wash my hands. I looked and shook newspapers. I took off the couch cushions, and saw dirt and crumbs. I didn’t like this, because now that meant it would eat at me until I cleaned out complete couch. I shall put this on my mental notes to do tomorrow. I looked in my receipt drawer. I looked through the packet of receipts for the roof job. No dice! I finally got down on my hands and knees. THIS made Al smile. Never knew it would be that easy to get a smile out of him in this position! I crawled with the flash light looking under all the furniture, but still no card. God hadn’t answered my prayer yet either, so I had to rely on my own smarts. I didn’t want my charge card to land in some criminals hands, so I gave up and called the company and reported it lost or stolen.

The lady was nice, and we chatted for a bit. She told me how she had went to an ATM machine, and took money out but left her debit card lay. She told me the lady behind her was very honest and yelled at her to come back to get her card. We both laughed about that.

We went over my last charges that I knew I had made, and there had been no new ones, and this was good for me. She and I both hinted in different ways that it may be our ages, making us be forgetful. I admitted freely, that it was most possible, as I was so scatter brained anymore, with all of my responsibilities. She cancelled my card, and said I would receive a new one in about ten days. This is alright with me. I had not planned on using it again until I got the new bill paid off.

So all ended well. I found some little toys under the couch, a piece of candy, even a small piece of Christmas wrapping paper, and let me tell you this, I had already moved the living room furniture since Christmas and had swept the entire room, so I don’t know where that Christmas junk came from! I found some dirt in between the cushions, and I made Al laugh, but I never found the card. The lady at the lost and stolen department said that now that she has cancelled it, I will find it. Go figure!!

36 thoughts on “All In Two Hours

  1. Oh, you probably will find it now, yes!
    I feel great distress thinking my card isn’t in my possession somewhere because these days, people run amok. I once went to the chemist & left it with the girl – took my goods & receipt & out I went. Halfway up the road, I realised – and raced back. OH, that panic! They had it, thank mercy, but I won’t forget that panic…


    • it is a major panic isn’t it? it is like no other feeling! you were lucky they store still had it. may i say something? every time i see your photo, i think how much you look like Elvis Presley or his daughter. He had such beautiful eyes, and you even have the jaw line………..


  2. did you say Menards card? lol. I LOVE their jingle. “ save big money, when you shop menards…” lol. Do they still have the commercial of that older gentleman with a big smile?


      • I love all their staff members though. Everybody was so courtous, neat, and well mannered. I knew they were little more expensive than walmart or best buy, but I just felt like I was supporting a good cause; do I support NYSE stock for walmart or do I support that nice man with a big smile 🙂
        Infact, my very first epic battle with my newly married wife was in Menards, nearly 10years ago…lol.


      • wow, that is amazing, and you are so right, Menards over rude people at Walmart, who do not care about anything but getting their paychecks, I will pick Menards. They are very helpful, and most times Walmart employees don’t know where anything is. hehe


      • And they seem so good about hiring lots of young kids, too. I know stores generally don’t take chances on high school kids with no experiece, but who knows how many high school kids turned their life around because of generous company decided to give them their first chance 🙂


      • yes they are, and their training programs work good, obviously, some will move up in the store to become managers, from this one break. beats a restaurant summer job! Menards has great benefits also. i have not worked there but i see on their boards what they offer………..i wish i could b good enough to earn a part time living with my writing. that is entering unexplored territory for me though, and when i try to look into it, i don’t recognize the scammers out there so i end up doing nothing, but still dreaming and hoping for one day


  3. I had a similar experience once with my drivers license a week before I was supposed to fly! I went to the drivers license bureau to apply for a replacement card. Then I called stores where I may have cashed checks. In the end it was in the safe at a store I had visited days before. That was lucky too as the replacement drivers license did not arrive before my flight!

    I think you are making great progress on your house. Now you need to find a way to relax for even one day.


  4. That is why I don’t like debit cards, credit cards or any think like it. Don gets me one, but I let him deal with paying for everything so my card stays in one place always and that he can’t blame me for any of the charges on it…lol. Besides as long as I have yarn and material when I need it, I’m a happy camper. I just tell him what I need, when I need it, have him drive me there and pay for it himself. But I watch his card like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t leave it, or someone doesn’t steal it. With all the new ways they steal your numbers, I would follow each waiter or waitress if I could to make sure they aren’t stealing his number too. So much for being trusting…lol.


    • i am generally not trusting also. you read where they copy your numbers in any business. i am usually very good with my cards, but with all of the purchases this week for the roof,and too many stores involved, i did error, but i am glad i called the company and reported it. now no one can use it if they find it


  5. Oh Angel Terry . . .I loved how you turned this into a funny story instead of a frustrating one! Yippee about your roof!!! and a new card too! 🙂 love and prayers!


    • i think i did!!! i have turned this house up side down. in my gut i feel like i left it at the store, but who knows. at least now no one else can use it and a replacement is on its way……..hope you have a great weekend Sara!


  6. a good piece of writing Terry. You grabbed my attention with your hook and I waited all the way through to see what happened to the card and where it was. Like a ‘to be continued’ story, you must post when/if you find the card!


    • i definitely will…….one day it will show up in some form, through the store, or a criminals report, or here right under my nose!!! haha
      Thanks for the wonderful comment


  7. Been there … and it can drive you potty – and then suddenly it’s just there – same with my mobile and keys – they just appears from nowhere. On Thursday evening my SD card fell out of my netbook and for over an hour I was crawling around looking for it .. got the carpet up and moved the sofa. Then suddenly I saw the my netbook wasn’t properly closed and there it was. Great that you cancelled it in case of. Please, keep us posted.


  8. I have zippered sections on both outer sides of my purse, one on one side and two on the other. I keep my keys in the pocket on the side with one pocket. Very occasionally I turn my purse around from the way I normally carry it and accidentally put my keys in the side with 2 pockets. Then I panic when I can’t find the keys where they are supposed to be. It usually takes me a few minutes before I realize where they are. But I have lost things that I have never found and that is really frustrating. I’m glad your roof is finished, though. At least there is something to rejoice about. Have a great Sunday.


    • i have just sat down this very moment for the evening. I have cleaned both bathrooms and dusted and swept the house. cleaning the yard is finished. asked Al if he wanted to go somewhere tonight, but he doesn’t do well with the heat so he said no. going to watch lifetime and play on computer. had a good day, and hoping for more. i lose things all the time too, don’t feel bad, but after all cleaning, still no card!


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