Raise Your Glass!

I saw this photo on my Facebook and it reminded me of myself, and what I have been trying to tell my children of lately.

I am not what I used to be, but I keep trying. I can’t move the furniture like I used to. I can’t run anymore, unless I want to break an ankle.

My son will come down and lift something with one hand, and hint that I am a weakling. What he doesn’t realize is that before I asked him for help, I had already spent much time on trying to pick the darn thing up myself. It is like a slap in the face by my age number, that I have to realize I am not 21 anymore.

It was the funniest thing last fall. I was at Wal-Mart and I saw something that reminded me of my youth. A hoola hoop. When I was young I used to play with one for hours. I could walk with it moving, dance with it not falling. I felt like a kid, so I spent the five dollars and bought me one. The next day I took it outside, and I spent quite a bit of time, trying to get it to move, to flow without falling beneath my knees. My hips are bigger now then when I was young,so the stupid thing should stay in place. After trying and trying, I had to come to the conclusion it wasn’t the size of my hips, it was that the hips had gone stiff. They would not move gracefully, therefore, allowing the hoop to drop to the ground over and over. I got more exercise bending down and picking it up then the actual moves for the hoop.

Will I be able to let go of things I do now as I age? My mind says I can go for ever, but when I see the photo above, I may have to be told, Mom, give me the keys.

We need to keep our eyes on the Lord above, that he will fill our minds and souls with new experiences. He will need to teach me patience, as I am forced to admit that I can no longer be safe while driving, that I may hurt someone by not being able to brake quick enough.

Growing older is supposed to be wonderful, entering the golden years.ย  I say phooey to this. I don’t want to grow old. I don’t want to others to drive me where I need to go. I want to keep my youth, but I may have to be content with my wonderful memories instead.

I say raise your glass to spunk, vitality, laughter, love and life! Hip hip hooray!!

33 thoughts on “Raise Your Glass!

  1. Love it, Terry! The photo and your post. I never had a hula hoop and don’t recall even trying to use one, so don’t think I’d want to try it now at 67. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the results. Or have to live with them, for that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • i ended up giving up on the hoop and eventually gave it to the neighborhood children. they enjoyed it very much and it was nice to replay my own childhood once again through them


  2. You are so wonderful! I clean for someone and just this past year, they noticed that I wasn’t as joyful a few times. I felt awful . . .but the truth is it’s WORK, and yes, I go home hurting and can’t move too good the next day! haha! I am learning to do some things differently there, so as to be able to keep doing it at all. They do expect me to do the heavy lifting . . .I can do most of it, but the day is coming sooner than I know, when I will have to tell them, no can do!!!
    God bless you, and your hula hoop memories!


    • i understand what you are saying Debbie. this part of getting older does not make me happy. it reminds me of my age! on the other hand if we stop doing things and don’t keep trying, our bodies shut down so much faster, so i am glad that you and i still work at it!


  3. Growing old(er) has it’s positives as well as the negatives of course….It is wonderful to visit our wonderful children and grandchildren…but when the noise and confusion gets too much…we get to go home ….Diane


    • i think this way also. no matter what we do in life or how we eat or exercise or not, our bodies are going to decline. people in our past generations worked much harder than we do. we have many luxuries that they didn’t have, and they still grew old but worked hard. it is hard for my mind to admit it but my body is telling me!


  4. this is false and I will tell you why, God wants us to grow mature in knowledge not old and decrepit in our physical bodies, we get this way by what we put in our bodies , in our minds and in our hearts, if we see ourselves as old decrepit people and don’t get the exercise we need to keep a youthful spirit then yes we will end up old brittle and unhappy because we can’t do what we use to do,. Getting old is a mind and worldly thing, getting wiser and more knowledgeable is a Godly thing. Be no of this world but of the kingdom and once you have the spirit of the kingdom in you then you will continue to have a wiser youthful spirit as well.


  5. I used to complain things were not as easy because of my age to my doctor. He told me age was no excuse. Kinda pissed me off, but he was a few years older so I decided not to complain to him again lol.

    What used to be easy now takes me quite a bit longer, but at 69 I am just happy to be able to do it.
    Good story Terry!



    • that is the way i look at life to Ed. sure, i wish i could do all the things that i used to do. i am sure that my diabetes has slowed things down earlier and two injured discs in my back, but even with those issues, as long as God allows me to keep trotting on, i will……..thanks for the comment, some doctors………lol


  6. Terry – i’ve been so busy lately and not keeping up with reading blogs – this is the first blog I’ve read in a while and I laughed my butt off – I really needed that laugh and sadly enough I think I was laughing so hard because your blog is exactly how I feel!


    • i am so glad that i played a part in your laughter. i need laughter today also. my brother really needed to complete a job, as my latest blog says it all. you made my night! thank YOU for helping me smile also


  7. Hey Terry i just wanted to invite you to a blogging community i have begun on FB my site is Zoe Go. You are welcome if you wish. ๐Ÿ™‚


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