His Job Is Complete

Matane cemetery

Matane cemetery (Photo credit: Bête à Bon-Dieu)

Today being Father’s Day my brother asked me to take him to the cemetery. I didn’t want to go, but I knew he deserved to go. Just the mention of Father’s Day places a large lump in my throat, and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off without breaking up at the cemetery.

I took him out to eat, since he hadn’t been anywhere the entire weekend. Not that I didn’t try, but he just doesn’t feel good. After we ate we went to a local department store and I bought Al straws to drink from. He is having trouble raising his arms far enough to get a glass or pop can high enough to drink from. He has been dribbling most of his drink down his chin from the level being off-balance. I got him some more pain pills and some good-smelling shampoo and body wash. I picked up some flowers for him and for me so we could each place them at the grave. Now we were on our way.

We reached mom and dad’s area, and Al just started bawling right there on the spot. He was crying so hard, he could not even get out of the car. I got out and went to the other side and helped him out. I handed him his flowers, and he went ahead of me. I stayed in the background, giving him his privacy, and when he was finished, I made my way to pay my respects. I wished my daddy a wonderful Father’s Day, and told them both that I loved them and missed them.

Next Al wanted to see grandpa’s site, so we went over to the  next road and I waited while he paid his respect to all family members there. Then we walked back over to mom and dad and Al says to me. I am going to be right next to mom. I said huh?

He doesn’t say anything and turns towards the car. He gets back in and then I go over and get in my side. Before turning the car on, Al looks at me and says, God told me last night that I was going home sooner than he had thought. I asked what do you mean, what did he tell you? He says to me, God asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do before he took me home, and I said I wanted to forgive my dad. As usual, when I can not deal with something, I sit frozen and quiet.

Al tells me that he needed to see mom and dad today. He says that he asked dad to forgive him for anything he did, and then he said dad told me he did and also asked Al for his forgiveness. He then made the skin crawl on me and said to me, mom raised her arm and pointed to the side of her and said this is where you will be, right here with me. I asked, what does that mean? He tells me that he has a spot right there beside mom and that she patted it for him to come.

I don’t know if Al ever knew that he has a spot right beside mom waiting for him, or whether this really happened, but for my own well being, I choose to believe what he is saying. I never question what others say about God, because God shows himself to others in many ways. Al then speaks for the last time, and says God came to  him again at the spot, and says your time is very soon.

We both sat there. I cried because I was already grieving for my brother, and also because I miss my parents so badly. Al cried, because he had done what he needed to do, and now told me he was ready to go. Not home, to heaven.

I started the car, and we drove home in silence, each of us consumed in our own thoughts.

42 thoughts on “His Job Is Complete

  1. I can only imagine how hard today was for you but you have to take comfort where you can find it and knowing that Al has made his peace where he needs to must be that for you. We never want our loved ones to leave us but to know that if they must go they go in peace and belief that they are going to a better place free of pain is a blessing.


  2. Wow, Terry. This is so powerful. Sometimes I think that when things like this happen, it’s Gods way of confirming our beliefs. Not that we are doubting, but confirmation just the same. Does it give him comfort? Or distress? You and Al are always in my prayers.


    • i have never seen Al so at peace as he is now. He says there is nothing else he needs to do, that he is ready, even as i say this it is tearing me up inside, but i can not be so selfish and watch him suffer only to keep him near me. he will go and then i will follow, and that will be the end of our family


  3. I know how you feel Terry, I didn’t want to let my mom go when she was dieing of terminal colon cancer, but there came a day when I couldn’t stand seeing her suffer anymore. I decided then that I couldn’t be selfish about keeping her with me, and that it was time for God to do what was best for her. It’s never easy to accept the imminent passing of those we love, but we know that when it happens they will no longer be suffering, and as Chrisitans, we will see them again when our time is at hand.


  4. i have come to that point. it is breaking my heart to know that Al had this all planned out for today, that he needed to finish a job, and now he is ready to go, he says, but i can barely stand to watch his pain. it grows more each day and he is suffering too much


  5. As his times draws closer, you will see a new found peace with him. I have no doubt Al has talked to God and also your dad and mom. I know you are grieving for your parents as well as for Al but remember you do want him to be pain free and whole again. God will do that for him – please be happy he is going home away from this earthly pain.
    You are a great sister, Terry, I applaud you!

    Walk daily with God at your side!



  6. it all comes too without Al knowing what the Doctor told you this past week…you don’t have to say anything to him…God has got you both…sorry you are hurting though.


  7. Terry, what a day for you …. I don’t really know what to write – for me it seems like Al is so possessed about death – lately, but I don’t think that means that he are leaving you. Think it wonderful that he has made his peach, because it will make him comer and he will get an inner peace. It was wonderful of you to follow his wish even if you didn’t feel for it and I think it made you some good too.
    Tomorrow you have your quality time and just indulge yourself – just do what you want to do … even if it means doing nothing.


    • i know that it is close to his time, only because he is suffering so much, God would never let him go on and on. i want him to have peace, and he isn’t going to get it here on this earth


  8. Terry, there isn’t much more I can say to you except that I have tears in my eyes as I think about your situation. And I can understand in part because I am the last of my family. I had no brothers or sisters, my parents are gone and all my aunts and uncles. I have some cousins I never see, but that is all. It is a strange feeling, but with the Lord there is always strength to go on and His joy, even in sorrow, will keep you strong in Him. Perhaps He has some wonderful things in store for you once Al is free of his pain and suffering. I’m just glad that Al was thinking clearly enough to know he had to make some things right. Some people wait until it is too late and go into eternity with some unfinished business in their hearts. Al is free of that now and I am so happy for the peace he feels. I know how difficult it is still for you. My mother lived with me for nearly 5 years before she died, and towards the end she was sleeping more and more. I was almost afraid every morning to look into her room for fear she had died in the night. My fears were groundless. She fell one last time and that time had to go into hospital. Within a few days she was gone and I was left alone. Except for the Lord. I am never alone nor will you ever be and that is a consolation beyond any other.
    If you should ever want to chat, send me an e-mail through the “Contact me” page on my blog and I will get in touch with you. May God bless you and Al. Have a blessed time tomorrow with your camera.



    • thank you so much Diane. it is a weakness in me, but i do fear being all alone with no family. I am thankful for God as he is with me, but no family? i sometimes wonder how you do it…….i always imagine that i will be a caregiver for someone else in this world that needs someone who can love them and listen, until i am no longer here myself


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