One Lovely Blog Award

The first thing I notice in my emails is a comment from Dan, that he has nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award. Dan is one of my newest friends here at WordPress, and I already love his words and am so proud of him. He has a nice size family, and he is a military man. The way he talks about his home life, I can tell that his family is very important to him. Please check out the link above and see all that he represents.

You are to say seven things about yourself.

Nominate fifteen others.

Give credit back to the one who nominated you.

I have been having many dreams lately. I have some unfinished business I need to take care of and God is using my dreams to push me forward with this.

Today, is the first day of my outings alone.

I am a Yankee Candle obsessed woman, lilac being my favorite scent.

When my father passed away, the only comfort I received for a long time, was my collection of Christmas trees. I had at that point, fifteen through out the house, all sizes.

I have a class reunion coming up August 11, and I am going to go, but am scared to death of my looks. I have changed too much, but I guess so has everyone else.

I tried playing the daily three lottery for the first time, and I won forty dollars.

I have two racoons in my trees in my yard, that I wish would find new homes.

For my nominations I would like to present them to:

Maggie L R

Author Thelma Cunningham

Leon Maiolo

Thank you again, Dan for this beautiful award!

26 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations Terry! You get a lot of awards and I am proud to be called your friend. Reading the posts you wrote after receiving your awards, I find we have several things in common.
    I am left handed also – so we are both in our right mind.
    Both my parents are gone – first mom then dad a few years later.
    I have a high school reunion this August. 50 years – but I will not be going. Not because I have changes, we all do, but because the class was full of boys who dodged the draft to avoid going to war in Vietnam. I lost respect for them.
    I think you are an extrovert – I am somewhat an introvert, keep to myself unless I see someone in need of help. Then I step outside my comfort zone and offer my help.
    Enjoy your day.
    Walk daily with God at your side!

    Ed ☀


    • what a wonderful comment! it is nice to see that there are others out here like me! yes, i think i am an extrovert also, and i am sort of an introvert also, because i don’t step outside of my comfort zone. it is hard for me when i am in new surroundings, always struggling to try to fit in, because i am afraid if people know the real me, they will walk away. so stupid when i sit here in front of my pc saying this. here at WordPress, I can be myself. you get to see the real me through my writings, and others that know me don’t know me at all


      • I saw that, you poor thing. I understand and now you need to do those things you love just to get rid of the toll that emotional scene took on you. When I lived by the beach I used to walk the 7 and 1/2 miles up to the beach when I had something bad happen, and I would go to the end of the pier and pray, then mentally toss those emotions and bad feelings into the ocean for God to deal with. I can tell you that my walk back home was a lot lighter, and much more enjoyable because I took the time to mentally get rid of them this way. I also lost about 90 pounds doing it…lol. Maybe you should go to the lake and do the same thing. Seek some peace and solace for your soul, and toss the stress and hurt into the lake for God to deal with.


      • my mind keeps taking me to the lake, and i am hoping that is where i end up next Friday. still a week plus to go, but the good thing is, it won’t be a repeat of Monday. i like the idea of the walk and dumping stress into the ocean!


  2. Terry, I sound like an old record …. and I’m so thrilled over that you get the awards – because you’re worth them. Congratulations to you and your nominees.


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