Beauty At Dusk

Tonight, after supper, someone must have whispered in my son’s ear, because he got a hold of me and asked me if Al and I would like to take a walk. I almost hesitated because it wasn’t far from being dark, but I am trying hard to face my fears, and one of them is darkness.

When I see the beauty of these two photos I took at dusk, I wondered how I could be so afraid, when God is showing his splendor and aliveness.

Thank-you son for hearing the whisper, and giving Al and me a few moments away from our troubles.

16 thoughts on “Beauty At Dusk

  1. Beautiful photos in a beautiful moment set apart for you and the Lord. I’m glad you got to do this. God speaks in many ways and this lovely time of day was one of them. I’m glad you were listening. God bless. Diane


  2. Beautiful .. great that you where able to get away and … spend some time with yourself, even if it was only during a walk and with your camera – thanks for sharing.


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