My Comfort Walk

I am getting used to relieving my stress through walking and laughing with my grandchildren. After supper we went for a walk again, and I snapped these photos.

30 thoughts on “My Comfort Walk

  1. I love your photos, Terry. And I’m so glad you can find peace while walking and joy being with your grandchildren. And the exercise can help with your morale, too. I don’t get enough myself. I love to walk in parks and gardens in the summer, but I’m not sure how much of this I will be able to do this year with a back and hip that are being very uncooperative. One of the parks I go to has benches, so that might be the best place to go. I hope you can get lots more walks in this summer. I’m sure it does Al good, too, to get out on his scooter. Gives him something else to think about.


    • i could not do it with out the benches. I walk a mile then sit for ten minutes. lol. i hope to get in as many walks as possible. i hope your back and hip feel better soon. i will pray for you.


      • Thank you, Terry. I really appreciate your prayers. This is a problem I have had for some time and it is getting worse. But I’m looking to the Lord for complete healing. In the meantime, I keep on keeping on. 🙂 And hope to get a few walks in the park. They have beautiful landscaped gardens there, so my camera is always with me. And we can also walk by the river though it’s a little rough in places and eroded enough at one point that we have to turn around and go back the way we came. One day we discovered a different spot in the park with a little dam. A man was fishing there and you could see dozens of large fish trying to get up the little falls. I asked what they were and he said they were carp. He just caught them for fun and threw them back as people don’t usually eat carp. Have a great weekend. Diane


      • that sounds like a beautiful area to walk, and to view the jumping fish, the carps. we have those here also. they are fun to catch but nasty to eat. be careful around those edges that are rough., i don’t want to have to come pick u up from a fall!!!! lol


    • it felt good and it is like being in another world with all nature and god walking with me. i feel closer to god when i am walking. not sure why, maybe because i can think clearer. i am glad you enjoyed the photos Debbie


    • we did have a great time. having brother on his scooter, gives me a sense of being alone, although i can always see him. does this make sense? i can look at god and his beauty, use my camera, and forget all the drama inside our home for a time, and playing with the kids just makes me laugh, and i am discovering laughter frees the body. i also, love the sunset photo the best. the frog photo? the worst. yuck frogs………….;lol


      • It makes sense to me. You’re getting to be you for a moment without feeling like everything you do has to relate to someone around you. (well something like that). It’s an awesome feeling when you can just be you and enjoy God’s gifts, isn’t it? 😀 Froggies and I have a yuuuuuck relationship too X_X


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