Out Of The Question!

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I am minding my own business this morning. Al not being bad other than the normal depression, he is reading his Bible. I have answered some emails from WordPress and decided to get off my flat butt and clean both bathrooms. If I have the bathrooms cleaned, I can overlook the house for at least one day!

I have sprayed the cleaner sprays, squeezed the bottle in toilets, put my save my skin on my hands gloves, and have rag in hand. Aim! Ready! Phone rings.

I put the rag down and with gloves still in tact, I answer my phone. I am shocked by the voice. No it wasn’t aunts or sisters begging to know more about Al and how he is feeling, it is my ex, my second ex. Yes, I have been married twice. Foolish? Yes and no. The first was meant to be, the true love of my life, and the second was foolish. Never marry out of pity for another person.

I asked him what he wanted, as I hear from him very little. He says he is ready to come home. Alright……..what does this have to do with me………You want to come back to your hometown, you don’t need my permission. I think you are a big boy now.

I asked him why he wanted to come home, and he says he made some stupid mistakes. Like we all haven’t at one time or another, and bud, you were one of them. He continues with he has to get out-of-town now! Why, did you murder someone? Cops after you? Must be awful if you have to leave town now…

He says he messed up, and by this, and from his past records, he messed up with another relationship, but just guessing here. I didn’t ask, because I didn’t care to know.

He ask if I can help him by paying for his U-Haul, and he promises to pay me back. Now I do remember that I helped him with something in the past, and he did pay me back, but this is different in my eyes.

Home? here where I live? My ex? No, I am not going to help with this problem you have. You say you messed up, not my problem anymore, I divorced you because you always messed up. I don’t have to pay any more prices for your mistakes.

I told him no, and he started with more excuses about his health and so on. I don’t mean to sound cold, mean and cruel, my friends, but I let this guy ruin me in so many ways when we were married. I let him convince me that I was worthless and couldn’t afford to be on my own, there for  taking abuse from all corners.

Why would I help him come back to my own town?