Quaker State And Lube Surprise

Al, my brother, is suffering so much every day with shrinkage of his leg muscles from this nasty Parkinson’s Disease. Some days I wish I didn’t know how to spell it or say it! He is living on pain pills almost around the clock now. I am worried about the effects all of this will have on his stomach, so when I take him to the doctor Wednesday, I am going to bring this fact up and see if there is something else we can try that is more potent and less times per day. I am always hoping for Al, even though I know we are in the comfort care zone. I want each day to be as  pain-free as possible.

With his muscles not knowing any other choice at this time, the shrinkage is its goal. The less Al walks, the more the muscle shrinks. With this brings less stability also. When he arises from a bed or couch. If he has been sitting for a while outside, or in a car, or even on his scooter, it causes pain and freezing.  Al is strong-minded and he is teaching me to be more like him in strength. He fights this disease the best way he knows how, by crying, cursing, and telling his body what he thinks of it.

Al wants to die, because he wants to live so badly. As he sees in his own eyes, that he is fighting a losing battle, then he chooses to die, and as I watch him suffer more each day, I want the Lord to take him home.

Yesterday, I surprised him. He loves cars, vintage cars, race cars, not as much as Coca-Cola, but pretty darn close. I took him into a flea market, and he spotted the red right off the bat! He started to walk over there, but could not make it. He stood with tears in his eyes, looking at me, saying I can’t walk. We didn’t have his scooter at this time, because I thought they had them there for use, but I was wrong.

I saw another lady who was running a booth, and she was in a scooter of her own, and beside her booth was a wheel chair, and she had seen Al’s predicament, and brought it to him to use while he was in the building. I thanked her so much, and although Al said nothing, I knew that he appreciated it also, as he could now go to the red section, coke.

At this point of Al’s life, I can not help spoil him when I can. I am being a two-sided coin, as one part of me is teaching him I won’t tolerate too much whining and negativity, and the other side knows his condition, so if I have the means I will let him have what he wants.

I wheeled him over to a red box, that once opened, showed a beautiful Coca-Cola radio. The dealer of the booth plugged it in for him, and Al looked up at me with those baby blue eyes begging without saying a word. I said, if  you want it, you can have it. I received the biggest smile. I had made his day, and he had also forgot for that moment he had Parkinson’s. He purchased another trinket of coke items, and there was not much more in the store that he was interested in, so we left.

We drove to a new restaurant that neither of us had ever been to. The Quaker State and Lube Restaurant. I knew inside that Al would love this, and I think he did, but he was in pain again, from sitting and standing and being shuffled around. He looked around at the decorations, but didn’t say much. He didn’t cry, but he did ask for pain pills.

Although, I am not much into cars, only that I can drive them, I am glad that we went. The decorations on the walls, and suspending in air were pretty awesome. The menu was the cutest thing. They had changed the names of foods we recognize into terms that matched the decor.

The food was fabulous, especially the stack, onion rings. They were perfect. Al had chicken tenders, with french fries and coleslaw, and for his drink it was very similar to the fair’s Lemon Shake-Up. He ate every bite!

We finished our meal and I paid the bill. I stood up and exited the booth, and Al followed. When he stood up, he fell though. He started crying, not from pain, but from embarrassment. I helped him up, and saw no cuts or blood, so I helped him to the auto, and we went home.

I know that he had a good time, but the ending was not what I wanted nor expected. It was just getting to be too much for him anymore. He is getting too weak, and the more tired he gets the more the body freezes. I am so glad I got to take him, and wonder how many more times I am going to be able to place that big smile on his face with those baby blues looking up at me begging without saying any words.

57 thoughts on “Quaker State And Lube Surprise

  1. there are tablets that you can get from the doctor which protect the stomach from being damaged by painkillers I know because i am on some am not sure what the name would be over there the ones I am on are called lansoprazole they are gastro-resistant capsules but there are a couple of other varients out there that do the same thing


    • thank you Mona. it is nice to take some control back, get rid of some of the pity i was over flowing in, and hopefully, it betters both of us. it means a lot what your comment said. thank you again


  2. I would say that in spite of the strength problems Al had, it appears he had a grand time! I think it is wonderful you are like a two sided coin, I get the privilege of seeing the whole woman you are. Sensitive and loving on one side, then standing up for yourself on the other. I like that, for what it is worth, it shows compassion and strength.
    I think Al is lucky to have such a loving sister as you, and you have a brother who loves you so much, even though he doesn’t always display his love for you. ♥

    Walk daily with God at your side!

    ♥ Ed.


    • i think he had a good time also, and i got a smile from him!!!! i sure hope he loves me, it would crush me if all he did see was his dad in me. thank you Ed. a very nice comment for me


  3. What a special day and for him to get the radio….must make him very happy. Hope he enjoys it…It is so difficult to watch someone you love struggling so much, I know it just takes so much out of you…take care…Diane


    • he won’t even take it out of the box!!! he has it on his bed and he just sits and stares at it. he does love it!!! i agree, i enjoy watching him enjoy the little things in life


    • thank you Margarita. I will read it right now. i appreciate any help and i will ask the doctor wednesday about these patches. it said they may be able to start human trials in 2014. i don’t know if this would help Al, but look at all the others it may be able to help. this stem cell is a wonderful tool. al doesn’t qualify for the surgery for Parkinson’s as he is a heart patient. thanks again Margarita, that was interesting


  4. Terry, is his condition accelerating at a faster rate? I just sense there is more urgency with your blogs these days. I know we are “viewing” the situation via your writings. Are you getting more tired/sadder or is it really Al that’s getting lot worse.


    • i am sorry if you think i am writing too much? he is getting worse, this we all see here each week. he is getting weaker and weaker, more angry, and more depressed. he does have moments of smiles also though, just not as frequent


      • oh no, not at all. It just feels like situation is lot more elevated than before. It makes every moment of smile so much more precious, because it does feel lot more rare nowadays 😦


      • yes, he is barely able to walk anymore, but keeps trying. he is a fighter. the depression is definitely getting worse. he still smiles, and even though he is mentally challenged, he knows……..he knows he is getting worse


      • thank you Chris. I pray for a miracle also, and will also accept yours too. i pray that Al has tolerable pain through his journey, and I pray that he will not have to suffer too long. thank you my friend


  5. You have such a great heart and it takes so much courage to share it all with the world. You are an amazing woman who does amazing things. Thank you for being so inspiring. Big hugs and smiles coming your way :-))


  6. Terry, you give Al the only encouragement that he receives on a consistent, dialy basis. Teh Lrod is using you in a great way to be Al’s comforter, encourager and strength. Lord bless you..


  7. You’re an amazing woman and the post was full of excitement, joy and togetherness.
    I think the medicine to protect the stomach that are very effective and cheaper is Docranti.
    But some natural yoghurt before taking the pills can also help and that it total natural protection. My grandma’s doctor gave her that advice and it worked for her. Great photos from a great day – pity that Al got the pain, but 90% of the day was good.


  8. You’re such an incredible writer translating emotions onto paper, and letting out what must be the most difficult time that any human has to face. Your expressions of the truth are so commendable, your courage inspires me to face the good, the bad, and the ugly of everyday life. That we all die in some ways, in order to live, and while our legs might not freeze, our hearts often do. You have warmed mine with the complexities of the human spirit, and the bravery you find in choosing the better part of yourself everyday. Wow. Simply wow.



  9. This is my first visit and I’m a blubbering, smiling mess! You and Al are so lucky to have each other. I can identify with him. I can’t move as I once did and have formed a very close relationship with the floor, ground, whatever is under me. It’s disconcerting, maddening and frustrating. I reckon depression is just a natural extension. I’m so happy for Al that he receives such loving care from you and pray you see many, many more smiles on his face!


    • first off, it is so nice to meet you Jim. my brother is very depressed and I often wonder why the depression drugs the doctors give him do not work. i sometimes think that Parkinson’s is bigger than any medicine. he gets so mad and so frustrated with his weakness, and his tremors. he is starting to struggle with eating and drinking. i hate this disease, but i hate standing by being able to do nothing but love him and help him through this.


  10. Terry, I really enjoyed reading this post.

    Although the stem cell treatment is in the future, there is a supplemental form of stem cells that you could try (if you can afford them – not sure any more about the price). The company is StemTech and what the product does is greatly increase the body’s natural release of stem cells. Here is a link to the company: http://www.stemtechbiz.com/StemEnhance.aspx I am technically a distributor of the company and have taken the product, but I am inactive and have no intention of becoming active again. But I have read a lot of their material and been to meetings etc. and know it is a superior product.

    Viveka’s idea of giving Al yogurt before he takes his pills is probably a good one, but you should check first with the doctor because certain drugs should not be taken with certain foods. I’m sure in this case it would be OK, but some things shouldn’t be taken with milk products. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I was so happy to hear about Al’s big smile and enjoyment of the day. I’m sure he will remember that part much longer than the fall. I’m still praying for you both.


    • i will definitely look at your link and I want to thank you for thinking of me enough to send me in that direction. you are right about the yogurt. some meds can not be given with milk products, so i now have a small list to take with me to the doctor Wednesday, and have now added this also. thank you for caring so much. here is a hug for you,,,,,,,,,squeeze


  11. Terry, you and Al made a memory that will carry him until his time is up, and will help you through the days after that. This was a very special Al day that you gifted him with, and every time he looks at his Coca Cola radio it won’t be the fall he remembers from the day, it will be how special you made it for him. Being on muscle relaxants, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory meds, one of the main concerns that my doctor shared with me is that they are harder on your kidney and liver. She put me on Nexium to help out, and it helped my stomach as well. You might want to talk to the doctor about if this will help Al as well. Now I’m going to have to find one of those diners near me, because I love onion rings…lol.


    • i will ask the dr. about nexium on Wednesday. i hope you find the restaurant. it is really good. so happy you enjoyed this blog, and also hope that you are right, that Al will always remember this trip for him. bless you.


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