The Path I Followed

I am  having a bored moment. Can you believe it? I am actually waiting for a while longer and then taking Al to the doctor.

I was surfing my Facebook, and came across this saying someone had posted. I stopped and stared at it, and then reread it a couple of times.

I got excited at the prospect that I, me, only me, can make anything happen if I, me, and only me, believe!

This gave me a few moments to reflect back on my life and go over my to do and wish list.

When I was in high school, I had a dream and a plan. I was going to go to college for four years right after graduation and become a physical therapist.

Then I changed it later, and decided that I wanted to be a therapist for troubled teens.

Instead of doing these, I chose the other route, and got married and started a family. Now many years later, after raising my family, the best I knew how, I realize that I have believed in me. I have followed my dream. I am helping others.

I have been a CNA and a Pharmacy Technician, playing both roles for the past 22 years. I have worked with many types of patients, making them comfortable, and I have also helped patients feel better by getting their medications ready for them.

For five years after this, I did private care. I took care of some lovely people, some husband and wife couples, others whose families worked, and needed their loved ones cared for. I was their therapist in some ways. I was a good listener, and I spent quality time with them. I also had my name put on the hospice list in our town, and got a few calls to help care for one who was at their end of life. This was the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever had. It brought me to a different level of humanity. It drew me into the personal lives of their families. It helped me to understand and see first hand how a body prepares for leaving this earth. It is very emotional and your love flows from within straight to their souls.

After leaving hospice, I took care of my own father, who suffered from bone cancer for one year. I was not only his therapist, I was his right hand lady. I did everything for him, except take away his illness. As I laid beside him on his bed, holding his hand, telling him how much I loved him and how much I was going to miss him, I had to add also, that I knew and understood why he had to leave me. I told him he would be brand new with no more pains, and to give mom a hug and kiss for me. He died holding my hand a few moments later.

After that chapter of my life was over, I immediately started caring for Al. I have now been caring for him five years this December. For him I have also been his therapist, listening to all he says. I am also his teacher, guiding him hopefully in the right direction. I am his nurse, placing a bandage over his heart. drying his tears with my words, and offering him comfort from the Bible. I use examples of others to help him remain strong. I give all that I am able to give.

He may be mentally challenged, and he may not understand all that is being said to him. He may have moments of dementia, but that only happens in the present world, the past world is very keen to him. Mental challenge is not what people think. It varies in different degrees of it. When someone is mentally impaired, there is usually an area where they are even smarter than I am. God did something special when he created these people. He made them so that they touch our hearts, in ways no others can.

So today, as I look back, I may not have received that four-year college degree. I may not have that

US Navy 060822-N-2832L-128 Navy Lt. Rachel Ode...

US Navy 060822-N-2832L-128 Navy Lt. Rachel Oden, of Casa Grande, Ariz., a physical therapist plays with a young girl during her first day of physical therapy for her neuromuscular control deficits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

certificate hanging on a wall in an office somewhere, but I have more than this. I have years of experience with the human life, learning to love what we do not call normal. I have learned to be a good listener, and to only offer advice when asked.

I have been given the desire to be a helper. This is who God has made. Me, a human being, capable of loving, feeling, being able to touch others lives, capable of being hurt.

I am happy that even though I didn’t realize it  until this very moment, I have followed God’s path for me, and no matter what others think of my crazy thoughts and ways, I know God is proud of me.

18 thoughts on “The Path I Followed

  1. It’s wonderful that you found yourself doing the things that God has placed you on this earth for. Your spirit of kindness, caring, and love have been blessings in more ways than you have seen. Keep touching hearts Terry! <3<3<3


  2. Plus, inspite of your frustations, you do an outstanding job caring for your brother. You have a loving way about you and you care so much for his comfort. God has given you the perfect vocation.

    Walk daily with God at your side!



    • thank you Ed. this must be why i always feel comfortable in the work that i do, even when i am stressed and frustrated. i hope that i can continue to do this for many years


  3. Terry, you have found you way of comfort and strength – you know exactly where you’re on your path – even if you would love things to be different. Admire you believes, your strength and state of mind.


  4. This reminds me of a flower opening up from a bud to a mature flower that is both beautiful and fragrant and brings joy to others. I am so happy you made this discovery in the midst of your trials. Somehow that makes it even more meaningful. You are a beautiful and fragrant blossom in God’s eyes. Just keep blooming for Him and you will continue to bring joy to others.


    • that is a beautiful description you used. i have never seen me as a flower, but when i think back i can see the flower opening, and know that God has led me the whole way. thank you Diane


  5. I always wanted to teach…No one had gone to college in our immediate family…so I seemed to be talking nonsense to those around me…So I got a job at the telephone company…great job…great pay…and I left it all to stay home with my children…Money regrets…yes…but, NO regreats being with my kids …I was called one day by the principal of the Elementary school my boys attened…I had done volunteer work in PTA and art work…I was hired and retired with over 30+ years service as an educator to special needs children…GOD IS GOOD!…my dream fulfilled…but, in His way!…I hear you Terry…You’ve done well!…~mkg


    • i love it that you shared a part of your life with me. sometimes we don’t see what god is doing, we are so close to the subject. god showed you what your gift, your talent, was and you carried it through. i am so happy for you. plus, i also worked at the phone company here as an operator!!


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