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English: Jesus Christ, polychromed and gilded ...

English: Jesus Christ, polychromed and gilded woodcarved relief by Martin Vinazer (* 1674 in St. Ulrich in Grรถden; โ€  1744) signed MVF (MV Fecit) Deutsch: Gefasstes Holzrelief des Martin Vinatzer gezeichnet MVF (MV Fecit) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am shocked to see myself writing one more blog for this day. I fixed supper and just did the dishes and have now sat down with my steaming cup of coffee and someone placed a thought in my head and it has been prompting me to write. I have no idea as to how this will turn out in the end, but I am going to let God, since I think he placed the thought there, guide me through this. If it is not good, blame it on?

The thoughts that are going through my head are how did I ever do it? How have I ever made it in this life? Did I really want to take credit for where I am today? My head bows done in shame, as I know I have had moments where I have said, Yes! I did it!!

Why does God continually place people in my life that are not believers of God? Why do I still my voice, when they are around, instead of making the break in the conversation, and turning the topic to God, so that I may be a witness for our heavenly Father.

Why was I given the task to take care of my brother, when I was finally free from an abuser, and had the whole world in front of me. I could choose what ever road I wanted to travel, but I was given this road.

I am not a professional writer, and no one knows my name or works, except you here on WordPress, and yet I hear from several, that I am helping them to stay strong, or help them to stand strong for God.

I am nothing without God. There are many that do not find this to be true, but I do believe it. I don’t have to convince anyone that my faith is the one to follow, but it is my responsibility to act and perform in life in a way that is pleasing to God.

I am where I am because this is the place God has put me for this moment only. People that have crossed my paths are there for me to help them, and through my daily walk with God, I am much better at talking about God to anyone, than I used to be. I am not ashamed of God at all, but my insecurities of not fitting in, is what has kept my voice still in the past.

God is good, God is wonderful. He brings me through trials that I have tried to fix myself and could not. He has shown me that I need to lean on him. He has proven over and over to me that he is the way, and that he is here for me because he loves me and wants my best.

He died on the cross so that my sins can be forgiven! How fantastic is this? Have you ever known a human life that has actually laid down his life for just you? I have heard the words from some, but none of have ever followed through.

I am not lucky, I am loved and blessed. I didn’t survive that bad storm because I prepared the yard for security. God isn’t finished with me yet. He still has work for me to do.

I say a big YES, to God. When it comes to heaven or hell, I choose heaven. I want to thank God for all that he has done for me, how he has protected me and loved me. I want to thank him face to face.

Alright, I feel a calmness now. The thoughts have been spoken, the brain is calm. I don’t still know why I wrote this, but I feel that God is trying to help someone out here in the world, and he is using me to spread his word and love.

38 thoughts on “Unplanned Blog

  1. Terry, this is great. Just letting it loose. You are an inspiration. The life you have taking care of your brother speaks volumes about who you are as a person. And yes, many days i ask myself how in the world have I made it this far….only God.


  2. We seem to know when God has laid something on our heart to share. He lets us know and He has his reasons. Good thoughts and I’m sure many identify with your feelings as I can also…Diane


  3. Ours is not to try to do the work of deciding who needs our testimony. Ours is to plant the seed through expressing our testimony from our hearts through our writing or speaking t others, and let God nurture it and reap the harvest.


  4. Great post Terry! Sometimes in the midst of living, we get caught up trying to balance our beliefs and our actions. It seems that there is always someone we worry that we might offend, or that we’ll be shunned when we talk about, when sometimes that’s exactly who they need. I’m really glad that you did this!


  5. Way to let it out and bring up some great points. We love our God and out of thankfulness we share our joys of him to others. One of the best ways to do this is to be reflections of him by living a good life. So don’t get bogged down on not redirecting conversations to God, when you live a godly life you are honoring Him who has given you everything, Trust in him and help others, and don’t sweat the small stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless


    • this is wonderful advice Benjamin. I appreciate it so very much. it is wonderful to meet you and i hope you enjoyed my story. please feel free to come back by any time. I have no other choices in my life but to follow God. I have to much responsibilities to trust myself


    • this is so kind of you to let me know that my small words have helped you. this warms my heart. i had never done that before, write for no reason. it was a little eerie, wondering where it was going, but God led the way, and I hope that it made its way clear


  6. God wrote wonderfully through you. You probably get tired of me saying this all the time, but you truly are an inspiration to me.
    God Bless.


    • my dear friend, and i call you my friend, because i feel a closeness with you or a christian bonding, if that makes you feel better for me to say it like this. i never tire of your comments, ever………..in fact, i watch for them. hugs from me to you


  7. Terry, this is beautiful. I don’t even want to think where I would be without the Lord. Life may be hard sometimes but I can’t imagine how hard it would be without Him. As to turning conversations around, I believe if the Lord wants us to speak about Him to others, He will open the door in the conversation. Of course, we have to go through the door, but we don’t need to break it down to get in. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have found that conversations that were just ordinary chitchat get turned around without me thinking about it. In fact, after it’s over, I sometimes marvel at how the opportunity opened up and where it ended up. Just keep loving Jesus, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, loving others and being you. It won’t be a struggle to share with others. God bless and give you more opportunities to speak for Him.


    • you are so correct on this, and i am changing, as i see and watch for opportunities anymore, instead of running the other way. god is good, and i could not live without his help. i never want to go back to the way i used to be. let’s just jump up and down for having discovered God


      • I’ll say “Amen!” to that, but I can’t jump quite as high as I used to. ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually used to do the high jump in high school track and field. I can’t even imagine it now.


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