I Wonder If Al Will Be Saying This To Me

I just saw this after I wrote my last blog. I felt so bad for being weak, and then I came across this. I wonder if Al will be saying this to me.


I can not copy and paste this on here, so I give you the website. Please copy and paste this address and read it with me.

26 thoughts on “I Wonder If Al Will Be Saying This To Me

  1. It’s beautiful. Do you have press this? If you load it from Word Press’ program Press this it should give a clickable link. It will show on your Favorites bar as the word “Press This” and whenever you see a page or such that you want to put on your blog it will pop up a blogging page with the link already on it, and you then can write a title and message and post it…you can even add a picture to it too. I have one press this for my blog and another for Jk’s blog.


      • No, what I mean is when you go to post a song, or video or page link from some other site like You Tube, or any site, and you want to post it. WordPress offers a thing called Press this that when you add it to your side bar, it also post it on you bar at the top of your screen. When you see something you like on any other site can be posted as a link to your blog by clicking on the word Press This on the top of your internet window. It will bring up another screen that looks like your New Post screen at the top of your blog, and all you have to do is write whatever you want to to introduce the link, and a pic if you want to. It makes the link clickable so those viewing don’t have to copy and paste it. I love it!


      • i just went and read about it but it states u must have windows 8. i don’t know if i have this or not. i have windows xp, and it sounds like there is a charge for this. i wish i was smart. i look at things on the net and wish for them but can’t figure out how to do the process. i can write, and b compassionate in life but i am stupid with technology


  2. Beautiful, Terry. And so peaceful. I hope it will bring comfort to your heart when you feel sad or discouraged.

    If you want a clickable link (live link), when you write your post, highlight your link (or words describing the link, or just “click here”), go to the menu at the top where you will see a few links of a chain, click on that and type or copy/paste the link into the box. Be sure to click the little box that says “Open in a new window”. Click OK and you will have a link that anyone can click on to get to the site.


    • i managed to place it on my About Page, but when i pull my menu box down it just says find friends, manage blogs, sign out, or help, plus my two other blogs. i am just not a tech type person and don’t get it. i am so sorry


      • What I was talking about is the bar at the top of your “New Post” page where you can bold, underline, use H1, H2 tags, add images etc. There is a box in the top line that has 3 chain links in it. On the right of it is a broken link and on the left is your justification options. When you highlight any word or group of words, the link box becomes clickable. When you click on it, a box comes up with a space to type in the web link you want to use.


  3. Terry, you don’t have a mind like a child. I know what it is to not understand a lot of this technical stuff. I have learned a great deal, but there is still a lot that goes right over my head. When I first started, I didn’t even understand the things I heard on webinars and webcasts teaching about this stuff. And I don’t always know just how to explain what I do know. But I’m glad you understand now. I’m not even sure if what I called a menu really is a menu or if it is a tool bar or something else. I just know where it is and how to use it (mostly). 🙂


    • i see people that do not need to read the instructions, study the books and yet get it, and i always wanted to be like this, but i have to accept and not be humiliated, that i am not one of those. thank you for all of your help my friend


  4. He may not have said this out loud, but somewhere in the child-like state of his mind, he has acknowledged this. It’s just that he feels so incomplete and handicapped that it’s all he can think about. So rest assured that I’m sure Al loves you. <3<3<3


    • yes, i think in his own ways he does love me. we, as humans, are so used to demanding manners, and honesty, and openness, but when u r working with mental challenges, the tables get turned, and you just have to accept the fact, that you know some of the answers, without questioning. it is so hard to always try to figure out what Al is saying, what is the main topic he is trying to get out to me, etc. i think i have learned many things through his illness, but the biggest thing i am learning, is to trust, trust Al, trust God and trust that i am doing the best i can


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