There Is Life, And Then There Is Life


I turn around to see the tears

And ask why are they there

He tells me he is ready to go

That he no longer fears.

He speaks of mom and all his pain

And says he wants it gone

He says his life is of no use here

And has nothing here to gain.

My heart has cracked

As I see his tears fall

And hear the sadness in his voice

I must let him go, and not look back.

Some do not understand the ways

Of a human who wishes to die

We stand away and look from afar

And hope for him better days.

For those who know their time is near

There are no better days here

They have recognized life as gloom and pain

And want to be with the ones they hold so dear.

I wish for him with all of my heart

For his smiles to reappear

And I know without a second thought

That his smiles will return, when he does part.

I love my brother with all that I can be

I would not have missed a thing

The memories that I have buried with in

Are in the box, and only I hold the key.

I don’t know if you are right

About your time to go

But I will accept that in dreams or not

You are ready to see the light.

Terry Shepherd

July 07,2012


20 thoughts on “There Is Life, And Then There Is Life

  1. Beautifully crafted, Terry. Poetry is a special way to put our emotions on “paper” and helps us to say what we may not be able to say so precisely any other way. It’s like a love song.


  2. Did you ever wonder Terry, if those tears are because he is ready to go but he knows that you are not ready to let him go? Maybe he can’t express that to you because he doesn’t want to hurt you any more. Just a thought.


    • i finally told him for the first time yesterday after he told me god knocked on the kitchen table, that although i would miss him so much, i would let him go so he could be rid of his pain, and he just started crying………..why did he cry when i gave him permission to go ahead and go? i have wondered lately if he is dreaming all of this, and maybe it seems so real, him talking to god and mom, and so he believes it???


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