Just A Pea In A Pod


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English: This was dinner last night: Morningst...

English: This was dinner last night: Morningstar Farms Tomato&Basil Pizza Veggie Burgers garnished with onion, ketchup and low-fat cheddar. The “bun” is two portobello mushroom crowns, lightly steamed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something has been bothering me about our greed here in our country. I can not speak for other countries as I live in the USA.

I went to the store yesterday to purchase one more box fan. Yes, I have central air, but with Al and I on medicare budgets, watching money is something I should be practicing more. I have used my air when it was triple digits, but now trying to count on fresh air and a bit lower temperatures.

So, I went to buy the same exact brand fan as I had bought in the late spring, and it was now five dollars higher. It causes me to stop and think of the greed in businesses.

Our country claims that we, the people, are in stress. Jobs are being tossed, people landing outside of their familiar work doors. Budgets being cut for teachers, causing learning disabilities upon our youth. Government still able to drive their cars, not having to pay attention to the price of gasoline, while we, the consumers, sometimes, don’t have enough pennies in our holy pockets to put five bucks in our tanks.

We have been in a drought here in Indiana for the past few weeks. We were warned that we could not have fireworks in some areas, but if you were part of a big national company, then it was alright to light the fireworks off, whether it endangers homes and people or not.

It seems to me, that summer brings higher prices of food, gasoline, motel,and hotel rooms, vacation spots in the country. Why? Money in someone’s pockets.

The fan that is five dollars higher than two months ago was raised because why? hot heat, the need for people to try to keep cooler. Let’s take advantage of their needs. Let’s raise the prices on things that consumer needs.

We are to eat healthy, this is what the media preaches at us. No more meat, potato, and vegetables. Let’s buy meat replacements like Veggie burgers, turkey hamburger, and this will keep us healthier, why? so we can live longer, give more money to the insurance companies? I don’t know, but it seems to me, being a diabetic, and also my brother, we are to purchase sugar-free foods. I don’t know about you, but if I purchase sugar-free foods so we stay healthy, I may not have the means to get both of us to our doctor appointments.

At the end of this summer, I will once again look at the clearance clothing, and try to pick up some new things and hang on to them for next summer. I am always amazed at how low the clothing can be bought for. We really are at others mercy, when we buy anything. I can get clothing  for sometimes seventy-five percent off, the same clothing that was that much higher one week ago, and the store is still making a profit at this huge discount. Summer time grills will be laughingly cheap. Lawn and garden can be bought for pennies on the dollar.

I never touch politics on public blogs, because for one I am not intelligent enough to defend myself with the comments that can be thrown at me. This blog tonight comes only from a common folk. An older female, who is trying to take care of a brothers illness, keep up with the doctors visits, the co-pays, buy groceries, and pay the bills that come with living inside of our four walls.

This gripe and complaint is for no other reason, than to show that even the name without a clout behind it is smart enough to realize that we are being taken advantage of. If our country is stating daily, that money is tight, our medicare can and might be cut, then why doesn’t everyone work together, to make sure the NEEDS, not the wants are at least being able to be bought. Don’t raise the prices of the fans, just because we are suffering from triple digit heats………

23 thoughts on “Just A Pea In A Pod

  1. i am with you on that, it is in our Country too…don’t even get me started! lol I get too ticked! A hint maybe you have already thought of…I look for things like fans and cool misters, coffee makers at second hand stores…you get them at great prices and they are cheaper by half than buying new, they have always worked well for me. do you have Value Villages there?


  2. The only reasons that my husband and I aren’t desperately struggling are that he fully paid off his mortgage (long before I met him) and he owns his car. I also came into a smal amount of money when my grandmother died, and so we always have a safety buffer.

    I am in receipt of two types of disability benefit, as it is unlikely that I will ever work again, and my husband can’t work because he’s my carer and my safety needs to be watched over twenty-four hours a day.

    Sadly, everything is always about money these days… and people wonder why we have homeless beggars on the street. Jobs – and therefore housing in some cases – are being lost left right and centre.

    The economy is a disgrace and our governments selfish.


    • i agree with everything you have said. life is hard, greed is huge, and people can be selfish, not all but the ones who count, who make decisions for us an not with us. i m glad i have heaven to look forward to


      • Over the years I have been placed in some pretty desperate situations through greed, selfishness, manipulation (see my post “The Darkest Night”) and lack of money. I’ve been homeless, lived in some serious hovels and my mental health has suffered as a result – not good for an epileptic!

        Here in England I’m lucky to recieve the amount of financial support from the government that I do – some of my friends are appealing after having their disability benefits withdrawn for no good reason. I save what I can every month so that we can do nice things for ourselves and each other and keep on top of household bills, and I pay my share towards the groceries every month too. We are luckier than most in many ways, because we owe nothing to nobody and we also have an emergency fund that is almost never touched – but that’s only because my husband saved hard for all the years he was working. Not everybody has the opportunity to do that – I certainly never had a spare penny to rub together from my job! – so he took full advantage of his situation instead of blowing chunks of cash on unneccessary toys and gadgets.


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