6 thoughts on “(2) A place to speak and dream

  1. I read a comment you made today about doing it all alone and how it drags at you and have come over to say .. I know this feeling too and I was able to come out the other side. A bit scarred up but still able.. I don’t actually know what i mean to say.. because no words helped me in our dark times, but I just thought i would come and introduce myself. i am cecilia. good morning. c


    • i am so happy to meet you Cecilia. I take care of my brother, who has Parkinson’s, is mentally challenged, and has heart problems. I am usually strong,but lately I am not. I can never understand why my children are not here for me, they may be in mind, but i need them in voice. if i lived a different lifestyle, more of today’s lives, the bar scenes, no, i don’t know what i mean either. i just feel isolated from the world, and feel like i am going it alone. with the help of so many wonderful friends on WordPress, life is more manageable,,and I count on you all more than I should. Please feel free to stop by anytime, and my name is Terry, from Indiana. I blog to release stress and tensions.


      • Then you really are in an emotionally draining place. To feel isolated is sad. Have you asked your children directly why they cannot help you a wee bit with their uncle. Do you think that they think you are strong enough to handle it alone because they cannot? I feel sorry for your children. It is a wonderful and truly awful challenge/gift to be able to help a loved one through to the end. Though at the time it feels impossible. It is horrible. I remember trying to push tears back down my throat with my hands on my mouth, when my composure crumbled in public. i am glad you are writing things in your blog. My Mother wrote diaries when she was dying. She died quite young and it took a long time. She gave them all to me at the end and told me to burn them. They are my rubbish bins she said. Not for reading. Of course i still have them a good thirty years later. We would love you to visit the farmy when you need a wee break. I post at dawn every morning. So i will be there. Remember that chaos by its very nature cannot endure. So, Give yourself tiny time outs whenever you can. Because it will get better. take control and take care.. see you soon.. Tomorrows post will be for you.. love cecilia


      • my children are more concerned with me as their mom, which i understand to a point. i think they believe i could have a better life, so since they do not agree with what i am doing, they comfort themselves by not getting involved. this is my opinion from what has been said to me by different kids. to me it is the other way around, i am doing what i think is right, with God’s help, and I would appreciate a positive word, a phone call or text, asking how i am doing or i am thinking of you. one child reads my blogs but says nothing, and the other two have never read even one. i had children because i wanted them, and i never dreamed in a million years, i would end up feeling so alone, so i want to say thank you for becoming a friend and a follower. i am not on a pity trip, we all need friends and a support group. i do have a dear friend whom we have been friends for years, but she lives a ways a way and works, but hopefully we will see each other soon


  2. good that you will see your friend soon. and yes in a fascinating way, the blog thing does create a great feeling of support..something i never expected and have learnt to cherish.. kids are so funny.. i have five and, well, they are just who they are.. but one of them And my father said that they don’t comment or get in touch because they feel they already have by reading the blog.. though my life has settled down astronomically in the last 5 years.. i was a late bloomer to peace.. have a good sleep.. see you tomorrow.. c


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