From Fairy Tales To Reality

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were children, we were read many books, that would lull us into a restful sleep, to only arise upon the morning sun. Visions of sugar plums dancing in our young minds, dreams of fairy princesses, making our wishes come true of the new toy our heart desired for the moment.

Wiggling down under the covers, afraid of the big bad shadows  that may come along and get  us. Worrying at our young age, that when we woke up, and went to the kitchen, we really would see green eggs and ham.

Counting sheep when we could not sleep, and watching the cow jump over the moon, was fun. We could spend many nights daydreaming our way into sleep land. Watching Captain Kangaroo, and asking mommy, if we could go see a talking moose. Being afraid, that if we told our parents that we got a bad grade on our report card, and instead chose to hide our report card, causing us to lie to mom and dad about where the card went, would and could cause our nose to grow long.

There was the wicked witch of the east that hated everyone, forcing me to go crawl into bed with my parents for fear of the unknown. The three blind mice, see how they run. Will they try to run over my blankets in the dark tonight?

How about the scene, where I had to close my eyes, because watching a frog kiss a princess to me was gross, the kiss was awful, but the frog was pretty cool! I remember having mommy help me pray that the cowardly lion would get a heart like we had.

One time it took me hours to fall asleep as I was afraid of the giant chasing me and wanting to eat me in Jack and The Beanstalk. I learned that if I bent over and made my arms  like a spout, I could pour tea. This was magic!

I asked daddy one day what our house was made of, and he said, aren’t you a little young to be involved with architects? I told him I wanted to make sure the big bad wolf couldn’t blow our house down, and he laughed and picked me up and gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said don’t worry, we will keep you safe.

One day I went outside for my play time and I spent my time digging holes in the yard, looking for my magic lamp. Mom cried when she saw the damages to the yard. This made me feel bad, and I hugged her and promised I would never dig holes again.

One time I was playing dress up in my mommy’s closet, and I picked out a bright, shiny dress and put it around my head and pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood. I found out later it was mom’s special nightie, whoops.

When we had my favorite dinner, I made sure to gobble mine right up so the big bad wolf would not eat it all. I would check in the mirror and see if my teeth were beginning to grow as long as the wolf’s.

I was afraid of spiders, as they would come try to scare me away, and not let me eat my meal. I asked mom if I could take a lamb to school one day, because I was lonely, and I wanted a new friend for myself, and she said no!

I learned what sounds the animals made by singing the song Old McDonald had a farm. One day I went through all of the clothes closets and pulled out everyone’s shoes. I lined them up in a row, and then looked in each one trying to see the Old Lady That Lived In The Shoe. Mommy made me put them all back, right now!

I never wanted to lose my mittens, because if I did, I would not get any of that pie tonight, that mommy baked, and it sure smelled good. I think it was cherry pie.

We were all brought up on fairy tales, and these were some of my favorites that I was read, and I also read these to my children. Now, today, there are no more fairy tales, and I realize that the life I live is called reality. I can still dream, and I have the right to make my own choices in my life. I can choose to be the fairy godmother, or the wicked witch of the east. I can choose to walk forward, or to remain in the past.

For me, I have chosen to walk the path moving forward. I don’t want to be any particular fairy tale. I figure the best I can be is a combination of several of my favorites. Carrying with me the fables of love, attitude, dreams, and hope for the future.

12 thoughts on “From Fairy Tales To Reality

  1. I once painted the “Big Bad Wolf” and the Three Pigs on my boy’s walls…I was always changing the theme …They were so terrified of the “wolf” that I had to immediately repaint it… Something much calmer…I just thought it was cute …I felt so bad that it scared them…From then on I asked their input…
    Yes, we do definitely find out Fairy Tales are Tales…and Real Life is Reality…paying bills, raising kids…sickness…ageing…accidents…
    But, it’s how we approach this life of reality that can either make us sad all of the time or see the brightness just in sight…I’m like you…I choose light over darkness…and like my kids said to me, “Get rid of that Big Bad Wolf!”…~mkg


      • well the first reason was, that i usually go to bed around one when Al does, but just as i was retiring, the internet went off, and being the person i am, i had to try to figure out why it left with no reason. after trying myself with no luck i called the techs for help and was put on hold for almost twenty minutes, then got that solved. next, i saw Roseanne on the oldies channel, so had to watch that, so along with the night and spinning thoughts, it was late, or early? when i finally slept


  2. Great post, Terry. I think I have read more fairy tales since I grew up than ever I did as a child. But though I did not like to read until I became an adult, my mother would read to me when I was little. I had a set of books called Journeys Through Bookland, and I loved them. Volume 1 was full of nursery rhymes. Each volume (9 altogether plus a tenth which was an index) had higher levels of reading. I still have that set and they are in pretty good condition. I think we all need fairy tales once in awhile to take us briefly out of reality into an imaginary world. I suppose that’s why fiction is so popular.


    • i love fairy tales. it takes me to another make believe place out of this world. it makes me smile, live my dreams, and gives me hope. you are lucky to have your set still!!!


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