31 thoughts on “Image detail for -cave cricket, Pristoceuthophilus sp., from Crystal Cave (photo by …

    • it was squished, and went into its new home, the trash can. it is from Mexico. it has come here by either foods from mexico or people or travels, not from here originally, and is not welcomed in my home!!!!


    • sounds like a plan to me, but since Al could not do it, i had to be the bigger person and rid this from my home, no one that uses more than two legs, is welcome here unless it is dogs or cats. hehe


  1. I’m with you, Terry – anything with that many legs and a “face” like that is not welcome in my apartment. We did have something one night – a big black flying creature that was probably more than an inch long. As much as I detest bugs, I hate to squish then. I had a bottle of home-made air freshener – water with essential oils mixed in. It may also have had some rubbing alcohol or witch hazel in it (can’t remember, I made is so long ago). I sprayed it and it soon gave up the ghost so I could pick it up in a tissue and flush it down the toilet. When I used to vacation in Florida there were some mighty big spiders and when I found one in the bathtub, I turned on the hot water tap and “boiled” it and sent it swirling down the drain. I have also used hair spray as I refuse to use toxic bug spray. But I would much rather not have to deal with such critters at all.


    • hehe, i am laughing because i thought i was the only one that resorted to hair spray. it freezes them. lol, i have never boil them, but that reminds me when microwaves came out, my youngest child used to catch live flies and throw them in there to zap them and then just laugh, cheap entertainment!! lol


      • Never thought about using the microwave. Maybe I should put a bit of fruit in there and leave the door open to entice those pesky fruit flies in and then shut the door and zap them.


      • i can tell you that it would most definitely work, but if you want to take away the frightful image of zapping, and sparks from death, add a glass of water, along with the fruit. each time u see a fly in there, shut the door and turn on for about fifteen seconds. magic! no more flies, and maybe a burnt spot on the fruit! lol


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