Another Piece From Dr. Charles Stanley

July 14/15

How to Cry Out to God

Matthew 14:29-30

The phone rings, and you answer. A sullen voice informs you of a tragedy. Your heart is so heavy that you feel as though you could die. What do you do?

Bad news, danger, and pain all cause us to look for help. As believers, we dwell with the almighty God, who is able to aid us. At those moments when we are sideswiped by life’s circumstances, we should cry out to Him.

In the Bible, crying out refers to speaking audibly with great emotion concerning an urgent need. God invites us to use this form of prayer to communicate that we desperately need His mercy.

It takes both faith and humility to share our heart’s concern aloud. Crying out, then, is a way for God’s children to express trust in the Lord’s ability and willingness to help. By calling upon Him with such urgency, we also lay down our pride and any attitude of self-sufficiency.

The Word of God assures us that our Father hears our cries and responds. In Psalm 3:4, for example, David wrote, “I was crying to the Lord with my voice, and He answered from His holy mountain.” When we call aloud for help in Jesus’ name, we invite His power into the situation. Remember that there is strength in just speaking His name.

When we cry out to God, He may remove the problem immediately, yet we often have to wait for His perfect timing. Harsh circumstances might even be allowed to remain for His good purposes. But we can always count on His comfort and presence, which enable us to live with joy and hope.

11 thoughts on “Another Piece From Dr. Charles Stanley

    • i agree, but at this moment i wish i was not thinking, i wish i was sleeping. i have been struggling with sleep for two weeks now. it is almost three thirty in the morning. i have been lying in my bed since one and am still not asleep


  1. I had that pnone call back in 1986 when Mom and I worked together. Then I had to inform my mother that my oldest sister had taken her life. Believe me, God is the only way we got through it.


    • that had to be so tough, my mouth would not want to open, i would need god’s help with that job. bless you for having the strength and courage to do what needed to be done


      • I then had to go tell my 11 year old daughter who was at my then in-laws’. It was probably the roughesr night of my life.


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