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I am still staying tough! It is a good thing, because I was put to the test a while ago. I am not sure what was going on in the beginning, but when we got ready to leave, it was a nice feeling.

I took my brother and I out to dinner, since we hadn’t been anywhere too much. Al’s new medication is causing more sleepiness, so we are staying home a little more.

At the restaurant, everything seemed alright. It was very busy, and we ended up sitting right behind a huge birthday party celebration. Things were normal as we sat down, even with all the people so close, but as their young ones started finishing their own dinners, all hell broke loose at our table.

We were sitting very close to the ice machine, and of course it was a very busy station, with the heat of summer. I believe there was many droppings on the floor of shaved ice, but I didn’t get my nose to the floor and inspect it. Al is telling me there is something on the floor, and I look at it and see the shaved ice? I tell Al what I think it is, and he swears it is not ice. He says it looks like it did when he used to sort dirty mops at his long time job, so he knows what it is, or I should say they are, since there were many, many of these pieces.

Al says they are maggots. I tell him no, they could not be maggots, because we are in a restaurant, and also if they were, the workers would clean it up. He is adamant in his belief. Maggots, and his voice is getting a tad too high. I try my best to hush him up, by not arguing any longer with him, or trying to ignore his conversation at this point.

He takes his glasses off and stares hard at them, like he is gunning an armed man down. With squinted eyes, and an eye to object contact, he is still going on about these so-called creatures.

Finally, I get him to stop. Meanwhile between him and the big party to the back of him, the youngsters are running back and forth between Al’s chair and their own chairs. Al never quite gets set straight on any chair anymore. We are training now to back up to an object, feel it with the back of your knees, then sit, but we aren’t trained yet, so he is half on and half off, and one of his feet are sticking out a smidgen to the side. A youngster runs through and steps on Al’s foot.

Al starts crying big tears, jumbo size, and I know everyone in our section of the room could hear his words coming out about his poor toes. I sympathize with him, because his toes are so bent, from the Parkinson’s, that although it was a child, it had to hurt.

I have no doubt, that the party heard him, but they were too involved to sit the child down, and nothing was said. I gave the glare look, the look that says if you touch my brother again, you won’t be able to walk! They ignored me.

I turned my attention back to Al and tried to comfort him the best I could in this packed arena, but he was slowing much farther down, than he usually does, and trying to eat and cry and wipe your nose and tears, just don’t mix well.

A Christian turns the other cheek, but I have to admit, I was upset for Al, and I wanted to turn their cheek, but I remained strong. I asked Al if he was ready to go, although he still had food on his plate. With his mentality issues, he knows he doesn’t leave without his ice-cream for dessert. So even while crying and wiping, he wanted his ice-cream.

I thought quickly, and tapped my mind for an answer so that both of us could get up and leave this noisy joint. Bingo! I had it! I ask Al if we could stop by the store on the way home, and I would pick him up a whole gallon of his favorite ice-cream, and just leave this messy ice-cream here, and he nodded yes. Thank you Jesus!! We got up and left, and he cried all the way to the store. I parked, ran inside, and quickly moved to the frozen section, grabbed the loot, paid and was out. When he saw his goodies, he smiled, and we drove home. I still remained strong, and we both got out of that mess like the decent human beings that we are.

34 thoughts on “People

  1. I hate it when people act so ignorant to something.
    You can clearly see that your child or someone’s child from that table stepped on his foot! The least you can do is apologise..
    Some people are incredibly rude!


  2. Good for you… We all have to remember that not everybody understands good behaviour. Best to make allowances and not get our own knickers in a knot by their attitudes and resulting behaviours…
    It’s nice to retain one’s dignity…! 🙂


    • it is getting hard for me also. this particular restaurant was a buffet, and so he can no longer go get his own food, so i have to get it, and then he has his nose to the plate, and his fingers in his plate, food all over his face. i try to look the other way


      • About a week ago I went into the nursing lodge with the intention of taking Ants out to lunch at a nearby restaurant, but as soon as I got to the lodge and saw him I realized there was no way this would ever be possible and another bit of my heart cracked.


      • it seems that the things you tell me about Ants, I can vision them happening before long with Al. Al is younger than Ants, and has had P. since 2010, resulting from a huge seizure in the frontal part of the brain. i can not believe how quickly it has advanced. the thing that gets on my nerves the worst, is the constant feel sorry for me attitude and the tears. just see them so much and hear the whines, that i want to scream some days, then i feel guilt because i feel that way………


      • The stress of Al’s stress and tears must surely wear you down. Ants doesn’t do this – he is sad but he is also very kind to me. I don’t think Al can help it but it must be so hard for you – I cannot even imagine.


      • i hope that Ants never does this, the tears and talk about death, it is like a whole other disease, that is indirectly linked to the Parkinson’s.
        darn, i wish u lived closer……….lol


  3. Well am I the only one who agres with Al? I thought at first glance they were maggots also:>))) How funny! Sorry others were so rude. Good kids have good parents. Bratty kids, well……..need I say more? Loved the post. God Bless, SR


    • i hope for each customer in the restaurant, that i was right, and it was ice shavings, if i find out otherwise, it was our last visit. bratty kids can not be blamed by the ignorant parents not doing their job and caring enough to raise them into outstanding adults


  4. It was wrong, birthday party or not. You did better than I would of. It seems more and more people are irresponsible in keeping an eye on children and teaching them that stores and diners are not play places, and that bothering others or being disrespectful toward them while they are dining is just wrong. One of my daughters works at McDonalds, and one of the biggest struggle they have is parents that break the rules in the play place, or allow their children run all over the place knocking into people, leaving messes, even hurting other children. She has seen parents leave their children in the play place alone, while they went out onto the main floor and ate without them. Parents don’t understand that those rules are there for the safety of the children and the customers. I am sorry Al had to go through this. Those parents should have been more responsible and apologized. I know if that had been one of my children, there would have been serious consequences including making them walk over and apologize with me. Then I would have walked them out to the car and made them leave the birthday party. If it was their own I would end it right there, make the kids sit down and share a wonderful lecture on how they need to be respectful of others. Then I would have brought Al the biggest piece of birthday cake I could!
    I am surprised that some employee or manager did not ask them to be respectful of the other customers.


  5. I work at a Walgreens’ and you would not believe how some parents allow their children to act. One day a child of 9 or 10 knocked an entie display off my counter and all the mother did was tell her daughter it was okay and the left! Most children are not taught the manners that my generation was. I am so sorry ya’ll had to go through that.


  6. I don’t think you could have handled it any better. It was a very difficult situation and you handled it very well my friend. The Lord is continuing to bless you and give you wisdom when it is needed. Lord bless.


  7. I don’t know what it is with so many parents now that they don’t know or care to control or discipline their children. It makes me angry too. Politeness and compassion are fading in many respects….Glad you got through it in the end and got out….Diane


    • if i could have gotten away with it, i would have picked up the parents and spanked their butts, because it is they who are acting childish and immature, and need to learn………..


  8. Wow, that is like super tough. My heart feels for you. Parents really do have the responsibility to ensure their children are well behaved, and there is no excuse. I’m so sorry to hear that he had to endure this. People can be so insensitive, my heart goes out to you!



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