I Believe

I know that I have Jesus living with me, and I also know that I don’t understand many things about life. I realize I am a simple-minded person, but I believe, and to me, this is what matters most. I don’t understand the whole idea of why others and my brother suffer, I don’t understand the reasons behind it, but I believe.

Here are some photos to help someone questioning if God is here among us. I hope you enjoy.

My Hope Remains

Honda F1 Model

Honda F1 Model (Photo credit: NTLam)

I just saw this commercial on the boob tube, and being an adult, was able to read between the lines, and I wondered to myself, if maybe wanting a nice christian man to come in my life is going to be a bigger challenge than I thought.

The commercial is a handsome, young man, working as an employee in a grocery store. He is the ideal dream, young ladies think about. Dark hair, dark eyes, gorgeous grin, nice skin, and just the right amount of muscles.

He is  holding a nice, plum, ripe melon or spaghetti squash, I can’t remember, and as he is smelling it and holding it, he is smiling at the young lady admiring him near by. It was easy to read between the lines.

It doesn’t matter what product in the world was being promoted, because,  first it is human nature, to look at the ornaments, placed to help sell the item. The man sees the melon, looks into her eyes, and as he touches it, she in turn, smiles back at him.

Why is sex used to promote everything? Beautiful bodies, pretty smiles, nice clothes. Is this what interests us in life, the outer shells? Is it the way the clothing fits, or the brand name tag on the clothing, is it the amount of skin that shows? I actually heard a person tell me the other day, that they needed clothes so bad, and I mentioned the goodwill store, which I love to go to, and they in turn said, no I mean I want clothes. Wow, this through me for a loop, guess I don’t have to have brand new or big dollar name brand clothing on my own skin.

If you take away the glamor and the lighting and the music, you end up seeing a face, with all the make-up gone, go one step further, and remove the clothes. What do you have left?

Us, you and me, only difference is in shape and sizes. We were made from God, each of us. We are all placed here for the same reasons, to spread God’s word, to lead others to Christ, to find a companion, marry, and to have children to repeat the process of God’s wonderful works.

If the popular thing, the in thing today, is to look past this, and see only the outer shells with all of its decorations, and to lust for love, how much harder will it be than for me, just one fish in the ocean, to find a man who has strong faith, who will see me as one of God’s children. Will he want a commitment, to stay through the thick and the thin, the good times and bad.

I have hope, and I realize I am not that old yet. I have not set myself in my rocker to whittle my empty days away, waiting for death to come knock on my door, but I have realized that heads have been turned, to see a different bump in the road, and I may have to turn my hope into capital words, and wait a bit longer.

Fat, Thin, Or Healthy

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

The words today are weight

Everywhere you look

Lose ten pounds is the key

And found in every book.

I used to think I looked alright

Until I heard the news

That I am unhealthy and oh so fat

And now I have the blues.

Our forefathers ate from the ground

And we eat from a box or can

The chemicals we do put within

Should automatically all be banned.

I want to be happy with who I am

I will never be very thin

So turn my mind to home cooked meals

And empty out the cookie tin.

It if grew in the ground it is alright

If it came from production, get it out of sight

Replace the sweets with natural sugars

And never, ever eat through the night.

I don’t have to be a walking stick

To feel like I fit in

I just want my inner parts

To be happy inside my skin.

Terry Shepherd