I Believe

I know that I have Jesus living with me, and I also know that I don’t understand many things about life. I realize I am a simple-minded person, but I believe, and to me, this is what matters most. I don’t understand the whole idea of why others and my brother suffer, I don’t understand the reasons behind it, but I believe.

Here are some photos to help someone questioning if God is here among us. I hope you enjoy.

24 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. That we are of intelligent design is not in question. There has never been a house, building, or car built by “an accident of nature”. In the same way a tadpole never crawled out of a pond and became a living, breathing human being with a conscience and the need to learn.



  2. These were fantastic photographs. It’s images like these that make me love photography and life 😀

    By the way, your brother and others suffer not because God doesn’t care, neither because he did anything wrong. These things are all consequences of sin, the sin executed by our foreparents Adam and Eve. The diseases, the sadness, the death, the poverty, the mental illnesses, etc., all these things came as a result of that. Lucifer aka the Devil makes all these things ten times worse to discourage us and keep us out of heaven so that no one else can enjoy the life that he gave up out of pride and vanity. God allows these things not because He ever wants to see us unhappy, but because as ruler of the universe, when He cast the Devil down to earth mankind had to make the choices for themself whether they wanted the perfectness of heaven, rather than the quagmire of that could become of earth. After all, Lucifer aka the Devil gave up a perfect life for shortlived power over weaker creatures, and God has given us the same freedom to choose, life or death. It’s like when a bad disease spreads through a city. The disease has all sorts of symptoms which the doctors have the cure to.The cure is either given while the patient is in comfort at home (Earth) or when the patient enters the coma (death) induced by the body to give the patient rest, until the specialist (Jesus) performs his duties. The doctors don’t gain pleasure from seeing the sick patients, but they give the patients the choice of whether they want the medication, or whether they prefer the death that the symptoms lead to.


    • i understand so much better now, after reading this from you. Al keeps asking me what he did wrong to get this disease and i tell him he did nothing, but now i can go back and blame it on the devil. thank you so much for helping me on this matter. love and hugs


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