Continuing of Rain Showers


English: Photo of sweating at Wilson Trail Stage 1

English: Photo of sweating at Wilson Trail Stage 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The doctor’s nurse did call back, and relayed a message from the doctor to me. He stated that one of the side effects from Parkinson’s as it progresses along, is wild sweats. Sometimes nothing else will trigger it, just the disease itself. He also said that Parkinson’s holds two side effects that hide until one day they pop up. One is a lung infection and the other is a bladder infection.


He explained that the entire body is going to suffer from this nasty disease, and that for some time the only things I will notice is the bending from the waist, tremors, and freezing, along with slow movements. In the latter stages, he says it is not a common thing for Parkinson’s to take Al’s life, it will be the hidden triggers, infections of the lungs, pneumonia, or some other organ in the body gets infected.


He told me to keep an eye on him, and if he continues the heavy sweating, I need to get him in to see him or to the ER for blood work to find where the infection is hiding. Al hasn’t felt good all day, and says the only place he hurts is his legs, but yet he says he doesn’t feel well.


He doesn’t want to ride his scooter, or go anywhere. He just wants to sit, and now laying down. He is cold, but probably because I have the air turned on lower to keep him dry, and he is a little clammy.


So, I am just watching and have prayed for God to give me a signal if he needs further attention by a professional, and if not, let him rest comfortably.


36 thoughts on “Continuing of Rain Showers

    • he is pretty good tonight, he is a little confused, and took 45 minutes to eat two slices of pizza for supper. he seems like his brain is having a hard time getting his thoughts to his lips, and sometimes he is almost stuttering trying to get the words out. the dr. said that latter stages brings heavy sweats, then i also read it on google, so today i learned something new again


  1. Remember every person is different, and Al may not be able to describe to you exactly what he means when he says he doesn’t feel well, like a healthy person would. I think getting the blood work done would be a good thing. Better to be safe.


      • Great news about Al …. My days are full of small adventures every day – I take it easy, because my numb feet’s – don’t force myself too much and it has worked so fare. It’s great to be back here in Victoria and meet up with people that some I haven’t seen for 22 years. Been lucky with the weather the whole trip too, had one day of rain and two days of overcast out 20 – not bad. So glad I did this journey and was able to do it.


      • i am so glad you have been able to go on this journey also, you never know what next year brings, so making the most of it is what u r doing. Yeah!!!!


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