Sweating like Rain Showers

Rain Showers over the . Taken in

My brother got up a little later than usual this morning, but nothing to be concerned over. He came out for breakfast, and I was already drinking my cup of coffee and on the computer. His movements are slow, but he gets his breakfast in the microwave and then proceeds to eat.

As he is eating, he asked  me something he has never done  before. He asked  me to give him a shower. I said, what?, and he repeats himself. A little radar went off in my head, as this was just something he would not ask of me, even if he was the dirtiest man on earth. He has never enjoyed his sister giving him a shower, seeing him in the buff, and I don’t blame him at all. This is why we have a shower person.

I walked over to him, and when I was facing his back, I could almost see myself in his glare. His sweat was pouring off of him, like he was standing out under rain showers.

I asked him if he was feeling alright, and the only complaint he had was that his legs hurt, and this is so common, I really don’t give it second thoughts anymore. His head was soaked, his back. He was cold and clammy, so cold it felt like cement.

After he finished eating, I gave him  his shower. I added baby powder with baking soda to his upper half of his body, and dressed him only in clean undies and shorts. He wanted to put the same shorts on he had worn last evening, because in his words, they were not dirty. I said no, we need clean ones, as the sweat made them dirty. He argued briefly, and I said, I am not budging, so he hushed.

As soon as I brushed his hair and got his toothbrush topped off with toothpaste, I noticed his back was once again in the shower mode. Five minutes after his shower, he was as before.

I left him to brush his teeth, and came out and called the doctor. I told the  nurse his symptoms were almost zero, but the sweat was like rain showers. She let out a lot of questions, and some were negative answers and a few were positive. She said that she was going to  speak to the doctor and would call back soon.

When I get nervous, I clean, and I was a little nervous, because of a thing I call, been too good too  long. We have went months with no hospital stays or big anger issues that required other doctors, so I had without planning, been thinking about it lately. I know it is a bad thing to do, but I do it. It is like us thinking of how good our own car is running, then it breaks down.

So, from the time I hung up from the nurse, I also took a shower, changed my bed sheets, and have started a load of laundry. I cleaned Al’s bathroom, and soaked his brush and combs in boiling water. Now I am sitting here pouring out my itty bitty concerns to you, while waiting for the phone to ring.

40 thoughts on “Sweating like Rain Showers

  1. To me it sounds a little like autonomic nerve dysfunction. The autonomic nervous system is supposed to keep things running smoothly and in balance. It controls your heart rate, breathing, digestion, reactions to stress, temperature, balance, and sleep. This is common with fibromiagia and chronic pain problems.
    I know this is probably making you a nervous wreck, so my prayers are with you.

    ♥ Ed


  2. I had a bad fall this week and they put me on a med. for pain and that was the first result! They didn’t take me off of it, but they did put another med. with it to stop the reactions.. Reactions like this can come with long term use as well if you begin to have problems with the med. It can also come with the onset of changes to the endrocrine system or kidney problems. There are so many factors that can cause it, that the most logical is usually what ever changed to most recent. God bless you my friend. Will keep you both in prayer!


    • thank you for caring. do you have any idea how it makes me feel when there is genuine friends and caring? it makes me feel like i am not going through this alone……….


  3. You and Al have my prayers. With the heat we are having, the humidity, and all that it takes just for him to move normally, this could all be what is causing him to sweat so bad, and it can be nauseating for him thus the cold clamminess you feel on him. I get that way even after just moments in the heat. You may need to get him somewhere with great air conditioning, so his body cools off. I’m glad you called the doctor though…better safe. Give it to the Lord Terry, and he will see you and Al through this.


      • I’ve been good…it’s weird though one day last week I was really ‘down’ with no apparent reason…just wanted to cry…strange but then I know you can identify with that feeling only too well….Diane


      • don’t you just hate those down days? i don’t even know what brings them on. i am through my change so it isn’t that, and usually when i am down, i don’t want to do anything, see anyone, and it can even bug me just taking care of Al. always glad when i climb back up to a good day again


  4. First off, your concerns are not itty-bitty! Secondly, you probably pretty much feel like it’s the calm before the storm alot because you know the storm is coming. You just don’t know when, so your concerns are always justified. I hope with all my heart that Al does not have an infection and he gets some relief soon. The only menopause sympton I had were the night sweats and they were horrible, but they did not last long. Hopefully, Al’s sweats will be as short lived.
    Hugs, Barb.


    • it is life, things go well, but soon you leave the mountain and go to the valley, so it seems like we are soon to experience something not pleasureable. his sweats have gone down, but tonight he was talking and answering to himself during supper, and is still complaining of pains, but the pains, thank goodness are not in the area i am watching for an ER visit. thank u so much for caring my friend. i feel so connected to you in such a short time


    • i have directions that i am following from the doctor, and if i see any of the signs he mentioned i am to take him in, so just watching him and hoping whatever it is, leaves……………………


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