Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I have been nominated this morning for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Carolyn.

Thank you Carolyn. This is an amazing lady, and you really need to check out her website to see all the interests she has.

The rules are,

Give credit to the one who nominated you

Tell seven secrets about yourself

Nominate seven others

1. Did you know that I am left-handed

2. I have a fascination with paintings, and I have my father’s first paint brush he held

3. Did you know that most of the time I never know what Al and I are going to have for supper until about an hour before eating?

4.Did you know that I am hooked on Wintergreen Lifesavors? I have to have them while I am drinking my coffee. Does something to the flavor.

5.Did you know that I have struggled with food and weight my entire life?

6.Did you know that I have always considered my eyes my worst trait, they are light blue, like the color of a little piglet?

7. Did you know that you can be plump in weight, and still have no butt? LOL, I know from experience. LOL

For nominations, I want to choose:



Thank you once again Carolyn!!!

32 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Thank you for nominating Grandmother Musings for the Sisterhood of the World Award! I am very honored. I have the same issue that you have in #7. It makes it very difficult to buy pants that fit right. Manufactures seem to think that all woman have big hips and rear. LOL! Enjoy the day! πŸ™‚


    • you are so welcome. it is sad for me my OBGYN told me one time during a visit that i had the most non elastic skin he had ever seen. thank you doctor. i didn’t put a curse on him, but he is deceased now because of a boating accident. my tummy is my biggest area, and on top of that i have had two surgeries due to a gallbladder, and the last one they cut too deep and penetrated the muscle, so now i have bigger tummy due to scars, but my butt is flat………..lolol


      • I look like an apple with legs. We’d make a fine sight walking down the street. That doctor was not very nice. I have had a few who were equally judgemental. Pooh, Pooh on them. Enjoy the evening! Jamie πŸ™‚


      • we may look like a couple of apples walking down the street side by side, but all would be so jealous, because we would be laughing and chatting, ignoring the world around us


  2. You should suggest to one of the creamer companies like Carnation to make a Wintergreen creamer for coffee. Treasure that paint brush…you should frame it with your dad’s picture and hang it on your wall. You should love your eyes because wearing different shades of blues, teals, or turquoise will make your eyes change to reflect that shade. But stay away from grays, steel blues or any gray based color because they will steal the warmth from your eyes. Having those blue eyes and their being the windows of your soul, means that anyone trying to see into your soul will find that they light the way to a beautiful soul.
    By the way…Congratulations on your award.


    • that is wonderful advice on the colors. can u come here and do a makeup redo? i barely wear make up anymore, never go anywhere but doctors or groceries, but sort of miss it at times, the feel of looking pretty? the compliment on my soul is beyond words, Bonita. thank you so very much, and thank you on my award……. i do love that paint brush with all of my heart…………..


  3. Terry, you are so wise to respond quickly… I generally procrastinate and what would have been easy becomes a mountain… πŸ™‚
    I really enjoyed reading about you… I would think that your eyes though, would be gorgeous..! πŸ™‚


    • we are our own worst critics, right??? lol thank you for the nice comment my friend! i do try to take care of awards quickly, because i feel like i should honor the person that nominated me properly. there are thousands of bloggers, and if someone chose me, i feel truly blessed! plus,,,,,,,,,writing is almost my entire life anymore, so i have the time. hehe


      • Honour the person who gave the award… so true.
        I do hope though, that you won’t mind if I wait another week or 2 before honouring your lovely award to me! It may look egotistical of me to do another one so soon… and I thought what I had on the last award post was entirely enough… It’ll also give me a chance to get to know a few more bloggers to give awards to. I have found so many who deserve an award or 2; especially since I’ve opened out into those who enjoy doing the ‘prompt’ style writing. There are so many talented people! You are one of them…. haha… πŸ™‚


      • actually, i nominated you because i like you. i like your personality and your confidence. you take your time in saying anything about your award, that is not why i gave it to you so u can say good things about me, hehehe. take your time my friend, and when u have a minute, go for it!!!! i am never offended by nice people


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