It Scares The Hell Out Of Me!

Jesus H. Christ

Jesus H. Christ (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

I don’t mind using the term, it scares the hell out of me. I sit with my mouth opened, watching the noon news, and observing the words and video of the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. The random shooting was during the movie Batman.

This is not a preach blog, but an eye opener to all of us who wonder about our futures. It doesn’t matter to me what religion you practice, or how many times you pray or even if you go to church or not.

What concerns me, is what I know, and don’t say, as a tiny dot on this enormous earth. My beliefs that I personally try to follow, living day-to-day lives. I see devastation everywhere. Messes that can not seemed to be cleaned up. People seeming to do crazy things to harm others.

We are in trouble in my opinion. The only way out is to accept Jesus Christ, and make him your most important thought, every single day. To be able to escape this world and get my soul into heaven where I will see no more tears, anguish, and sorrow, is a plus in my eyes.

In my thoughts, I see the more we take God out of the world, the more the devil is welcome. He can sneak into any crack, left open. He can come into our own families, our work, our streets. He will use any means, and all of his power, to change your thinking. He can lure you into thinking that you are doing something that will be alright and you will not be held responsible for any actions.

I have seen news media where Americans do not place their hand over the heart, when saying the pledge of allegiance. I have seen schools taking away the privilege of saying prayers in school.

Groceries are out of this world in prices. Families finding themselves wondering how they are going to feed their children. Jobs are being taken away or lost if you voice your opinions in the wrong tone. Apartments and homes being rented for a price so high, because of high taxes and or greed.

When are we going to stop and hold hands and stand together for what is fair and right? Can we go back in time to when a hand shake finalized a deal? Where trust is formed out of words and not sealed on a paper? Can we unlock our cars at night or leave our houses unlocked during the day hours?

Killings going on all over for no good reasons. Sickness coming back rapid, that was once thought to be ended. Countries mad at each other, wars constantly being fought, and does anyone really know the reasons why it was started in the beginning?

It scares the hell out of me to see this beautiful planet we live on, being put through turmoil. God says to love one another, clothe your neighbors back as you would your own. Treat your neighbor as you want to also be treated.

We need to spread the word of God even faster than we have done in the past. We need to let everyone know, that we need God to be taken seriously once again, before we are lifted off of this earth.  I want to know what is going to happen to me when my body lies lifeless in the ground. I do not want any questions to enter my mind on my death-bed, about where I am going.

Lord help us all, let us see your arms reaching out to us. Let us believe that you are the only way, and that all other ways are false. Keep me safe in your arms Lord, never leave my side. Help me to be a witness to others who have never heard your name. Please give me the ability to be there for others in needs, but to also be able to recognize false prophets in disguise. Amen.

24 thoughts on “It Scares The Hell Out Of Me!

    • thank you so much Britney! so happy you stopped by and read a bit of who i am and what i do in life. looking forward to seeing more. i read about your story and think we can be there for each other, even if you are young


  1. AMEN! God’s Word says “In the last days…….” these things would take place. But we are to be of good cheer because He would overcome these things. (paraphrased.) So my prayer is “God’s kingdom come, thy will be done.” My prayers go out to all the families involved and for all of us.



  2. Great posting and a much needed reminder to us all. When we see these things take place I am always reminded of the need to serve Him while we can … If our country stays on the same course it’s hard to imagine what life will be like if He does not ocme back soon. Lord bless.


  3. Life on earth is getting harder day by day. Thankfully, we can have peace in knowing and serving the Lord. Jesus will return soon because all the signs are there if we are willing to see them. Amid all the turmoil and chaos GOD still has control. Have faith in Him and his leadership. Keep watch and pray ceaselessly!


  4. Sharing the word…

    Then the Lord replied:

    “Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald may run with it.
    3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
    it speaks of the end
    and will not prove false.
    Though it linger, wait for it;
    it will certainly come
    and will not delay.

    4 “See, the enemy is puffed up;
    his desires are not upright—
    but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness — Habakkuk 2:3-4 NIV
    ~ L


  5. It’s good to be concerned with what is happening and not be blind to it. While it is hard to witness all the violence and changes taking place in our lands if I concentrate on them I become discouraged so I will do the best that I can do within my ‘world’ and pray for us all…..Diane


    • i can not afford to dwell upon the ugly in the world, or i would also be nuts, but with the newest shooting in colorado, and the empty space within the killer’s mind, with no remorse, lets me once again be aware of the devils work


    • i think we all need something to believe in, and God happens to be where my belief falls. sometimes i hate my life, being tied down and not being able to do the things i wish or long for, and then i look at Al and know he is getting the best care for the moment, here with me, but i also hope that i am smart enough to realize when it is time to give that care to others


      • Terry, you’re so right in your thinking – not easy to be strong at all time. You’re a very special woman. So glad you’re around in my world.


  6. Very nicely expressed! Yes, the more we take God out of our soceity the more we will have senseless murders, rapes, abortion, drug and alcohol addictions, and more. The more we take God out of our soceity the more evil our leaders will become. Our soceity will be a reflection of our lives as we take God out of our lives. We, as Christians, need to stand up for Jesus, and for our faith in him. We need to share him every moment of every single day with ourselves and others. Yesterday as I watched the coverage, and the day before the thing that God put before me more than anything was the testimony of those who were Christians who lived through this. They were sharing their testimony of how God brought them through, and their thanks to him. We have seen it in many of those who have blogged about their experience, from the pastor who saw how God designed the young woman’s brain at birth to save her from the damage of the bullet, to the mother of 2 daughters who felt his strength in the midst of fear. That is why our relationship with Jesus is so important, so that we can feel his strength when we need it, and so we are confidant in his power to bring us through anything. I truly believe that God is using this tragedy for his glory, not only in our country but around the world. Last night I know the thought of anyone perishing without knowing Jesus as their Savior spurred me on to witnessing to a Muslim man on facebook, and I know that the words God gave me to use were impassioned by what this terrible event has done inside my heart. We shouldn’t live in a spirit of fear, but of urgency to share with as many as possible the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. We may not be able to change the world, but we can help Jesus change as many lives as we can, even if it is just one.


    • i will never regret having met you Bonita. you are an inspiration, you show me how to stay strong and courageous. i want to say thank you and that i love you as a dear friend. hugs


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