Picture It And Write It July 22, 2012

She, Sophie, was the apple of her parent’s eyes. She had been yearned for many years, by her parents, always being told they would never have any children. The parents never gave up. They had their child in each dream the two shared, and they moved ahead in life, preparing a place for him or her in their hearts and home.

The two individuals, joined together and becoming one, could be seen nightly, kneeling at the end of their bed, praying to God, asking him to fulfill the vision of holding an infant, they called their own, in the arms that held this marriage together.

This vow that was created and stamped in love, held two lovely people inside of it. They were both school teachers, each teaching  disabled students. They had met in the most uncommon of circumstances. She, Lacey, was from the United States, teaching in a small town in Ohio, while her husband, Clayton, held his roots  in New England. Both were new teachers and Clayton had volunteered his services, of helping to open a new classroom in Lacey’s town. He was going to be rewarded by new experiences, and a chance to be more than just a teacher.

Lacey lived in an apartment, near her school. This was her first teaching job, and money was tight for her, so finding this suitable home was perfect for her. No driving to work, businesses within walking distance, and the rents were modest.

Clayton, also being a fairly new teacher, his third year, also wanted something economical, and ended up being in the vacant room across the hall from her.

They both walked out at the exact same time one morning, on their way to the same school, to report for duty. Each said hello and went on their way, but soon noticed their paths would cross, not only at work, but in their personal space also.

The combinations of same likes, same hours, led to many hours spent together, discussing children, ideas on how to help reach each child’s abilities, and many dinner time meals spent together.

Without willing it or recognizing the signs, these two fell in love with each other. It was easy to see that the support they had for each other was strong, and when you looked into their eyes, there were pools dripping with love.

After school was ended for the year, Clayton was to go back to  New England, but he knew he could not go without his love, so he proposed, and she accepted. After being married he took her to his home and they started a new life together.

Lacey had received a wonderful recommendation from her prior school as a teacher, and in no time at all, she was working once again. Clayton returned to his school that he had already had obtained work at.

They had spoken many times about the number of children they wished to have, so when it came time to buy their first home, they purchased a three bedroom home, which in due time would hold much laughter and love.

Months went by and life was good to them except one dark shadow lingering in the background. There was no child, as of yet. The two went in prayer, and gave their hopes and dreams to God, and ask him to please give them the child they wanted so bad, but for five years, there was nothing.

There was nothing they could do but hope. They taught each year, and in the summers, they went on small vacations, and enjoyed each others company. They shopped and even slid into little baby shops, and using their imaginations, they picked out clothes for their own child.

It was late fall, one teaching day, and the rain was making soft taps on the window panes. Lacey, sat up to the alarm going off, and when she rose, she felt very nauseated. She laid back down, and reached over and tapped Clayton on the arm, asking him to please call into the school and say she was not feeling well today, and would they please find a substitute. Clayton looked at her, giving her the all over look, and felt her face with the back of his hand. He felt no temperature, but respected her wishes, and made the  phone call.

After Clayton left for school, she laid there for a while longer, and then tried to get up once again. She did manage to get up, but ended up barely making it to the restroom. It didn’t take long to put two and two together, and along with a doctor’s appointment, she was able to tell her husband, that she was expecting. She told him after preparations had been made for their dinner, and asking him if he would care to have dessert in the living room by the fireplace, she broke the news to him. The joy they both felt poured out all through  the room, and their dessert ended up being in each others arms.

Family, friends, and co-workers were so happy for them. The nine months passed quickly with teaching and baby showers, shopping for the baby’s room, and before they all realized it the time had come upon them, and Sophie was born.

A beautiful baby with golden locks and big blue eyes with thick lashes. Delicate white skin, ten fingers and ten toes, so perfect.

God had answered their prayers. The two had never given up their dreams and hope and faith carried them through each of their days, and now they were parents. They both felt so blessed, that as soon as all could be arranged, they had baby Sophie christened at church.

Now five, glorious years has passed. Each passing day watching their child grow has planted beautiful memories into Lacey and Clayton’s minds, and today, also was going to start a new chapter in their lives with their daughter, as she is starting her first day of dancing lessons. Our little princess.


Thank you Ermilia for another chance to write for your writing exercise.


25 thoughts on “Picture It And Write It July 22, 2012

  1. I like how you described the love in their eyes as pools. I also liked seeing them praying nightly at the foot of the bed.


  2. Terri, I haven’t read this until now because I haven’t wanted to be influenced by other’s ideas. My little girl became a dancer too…!!!! Didn’t she look like a little dancer in front of that mirror! Your story is gorgeous…. 🙂


  3. Very uplifting. For those who truly wish to have children and have all the love in the world to give, it’s absolutely devastating to not be able to conceive. Thanks for contributing to Picutre it & write this week, Terri!

    – Ermisenda


  4. Had a migraine, so it took me a few times to get through this. Took a nap and feeling better reread this again. You know that each time I read something you write I see a talent growing. Each story is so filled with possibilities that I see you take to the next level in your next story. This is one that can be expanded into a great novel, about love, struggle, overcoming. I loved this one, and again the mind told me that this child would be a special needs child like the children they worked with in the schools, and because of their abilities to work with the children they would be able to bring this child through major health struggles to the momentous moment of taking her first dance class. There could be more struggle added as they realize that God had a plan for them and that is why their child wasn’t quite perfect, and through this their relationship grew even more. You see how you can take a simple story and enlarge it into a great novel filled with inspiration? I know you have it in you, because you have been one to overcome struggles. But this story is my favorite one so far, and I’m looking forward to your next one.


    • I saw the part also, where the special needs child did many things for the parents teaching them more and more about God, and facing struggles and disappointments and joy. Thank you Bonita for the wonderful comment. I don’t really know how to go forth, except to take this one portion, and when i can, add more and more to it????


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