Just A Dream For One Day


Bethany rose to her door being opened by her personal maid. She rubbed her eyes and blinked as the maid lifted her window shades. Her breakfast was placed on the side table, and as Bethany yawned, waking up to the morning sun, she glanced over her foods and smiled, as her favorite, Belgium waffles and fresh strawberries, with maple syrup were waiting to be eaten.

The maid bid her a good morning, and told her she would return in thirty minutes to pick up her tray. Bethany used her hands to let her know it was alright to leave. As Bethany was eating, she watched out her bedroom windows, and was taking in the moving clouds. She heard people’s voices beneath her, and knew that cousins had come to pay her a visit.

Bethany wanted to have fun today, and maybe she could talk her cousins into going out back to the pool and enjoying a swim. She was so lost in her thoughts of herself, that she didn’t hear the knock at the door, announcing the maids return.

The maid carried fresh towels on her arm, and took them into the huge bathroom and Bethany could hear the tub being filled for her bath. Sara, the maid, walked out of the bathroom, and removed the tray from the room. Upon returning, she went to Bethany’s closet and together the two decided what clothing would be worn today.

The bath water was ready, and dropping her house robe, she stepped into a rose petal bath. Sara, let her soak for a while, and went to the bed and began to make it, making sure there were no wrinkles in sight, and fluffing the bed pillows.  She tidied up and emptied the trash from the prior evening.

As she walked back into the bathroom, Bethany announced she was ready to be bathed. Sara began by using the bath sponge and letting the roses pour over Bethany’s body, and then proceeded to bathe her, dry her off, and helped her to get dressed.

Sara then left the room and went about her next task, knowing she would not be needed  here until bed time. Bethany walked down the curved stair way, and welcomed her cousins with a peck to each cheek and a smile showing beautiful white teeth. They made their way out into the courtyard, and shared tea and played catch-up on conversations since their last visit.

They decided to all go to the barn and ask the stable boy to saddle up the horses for the three of them. Upon the request being completed, the three ladies took off for a gallop through the country side. There were two hundred acres for them to ride through, and from the distance of the house, you could observe great horsemanship.

Two hours later, they came back to the stables and handed the reigns over to the worker and taking hankies from their breast pockets, they each wiped their brow, and were exclaiming how the day was heating up nicely.

Walking through the kitchen door, the server announced that lunch had been prepared for the three of them, and they were to take their seats in the dining room. Broasted chicken, cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and grapes were laid elegantly on each plate, with a glass of water and white wine sparkling beside each setting.

The ladies sat down and continued their chatter and decided to make plans for next month to meet in the city and shop and have lunch together. After the luncheon was over, Bethany walked her cousins to the front door and once again gave each a peck on each cheek and wished them a safe trip home.
The rest of Bethany’s afternoon was spent swimming and writing and an afternoon nap. She awoke to the sounds of the dinner bell, and got up and checked herself  in the mirror, making sure her hair was still in its place, and walked into dinner. Pork chops, fresh carrots, a baked potato, with butter and sour cream, and a nice garden salad was the menu for this evening. This was the time of day that Bethany and her parents dined together. Each telling of their day, and discussing any family or business matter. Formal was the word. No laughter, no real joy, just a meeting place to touch base.

After the dinner was over, the butler announced that she had a visitor, and when she entered the parlor, there he stood in the doorway, the gentleman who had been courting her for several months. Bethany asked him to come in and she excused herself and went to tell her parents that she would be going out for an evening stroll with her beau.

Upon leaving the home, Bethany and her beau made their way to the swing that set directly under the huge apple tree. They both sat down and then he took her in his arms and kissed her lips and neck, sending shivers down her spine. She returned his kisses, letting him know that her body longed for his.  He took her hand and helped her rise from the swing, and walked her a few feet away and gently laid her on the soft grass and placed his hand in all of her warm places and while kissing her, he made her his once again.

Afterwards, the two walked slowly back to the house, promising to see each other again very soon. Bethany kissed him good nite and watched him until she could no longer see him as he drove out of the long driveway.

Bethany entered the house and went up the stairway, and entered her bedroom, greeting Sara, who was ready to help her get ready for bed.

21 thoughts on “Just A Dream For One Day

  1. You just know the cook would have been in trouble serving strawberries twice in one day lol. I love this for two reasons one as always it is beautifully written but two it makes me think I have always joked i shuld have been born a couple of centuries ago and had a full complement of servants but when you think about the reality of life in servitude I am not so sure I could live with that guilt on my conscience although I should imagine those who lived in that style of luxery did not think twice about it.


    • i am sure, if i was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth, i would think nothing of it. what prompted me to write this, was the need, the selfish need, to be waited on for one day only. i love taking care of Al, but weekly there are new problems that arise, and so i placed my mind in a dream state and wrote this. so glad you enjoyed it


  2. I liked this but felt that it was just the beginning of a bigger story, and somehow when she got home from the ride there should have been a letter from a secret source that would send her perfect world spinning. But this would be a great beginning of a book, that finds the lead character giving up her priviledged life to go on an adventure that teaches her that she wants more, like to find that thing, gift or talent, that she has been given by God that makes her less selfish and more giving. You should be keeping these in a file to enlarge upon. I think you are improving so much that one day we may see a Terry Shepherd book, and I want to be the first to review it…lol!


    • i don’t know about the terry book, but i do save each story i write. i keep thinking when i think bigger like a book, that this is going to take a lot of time, and i don’t have that much free time, but like i said in a prior post, i guess, what i can do is break it down in pieces, adding to it slowly


      • You never know, maybe the Lord is having you begin working on these so that later when Al has joined him in heaven you will have a new focus in life, a new purpose. I have many things I’ve started and hope to one day soon continue writing…maybe when I’m not dealing with this illness, or at least have lived with it enough to know how to make the most of the good days for writing. One of the things I do when I start a story is after I think I’ve reached the end, write myself a list of questions after rereading the story. It gives me options to continue the story someday.


  3. Good story, Terry. I agree with Bonita that it could be just the beginning of a longer story – even a short story or novella rather than a full-length novel. But I know how much time that takes. I have written a novel and several full-length books. And just writing it is not the real time-gobbler, it’s the revising and editing that take forever. At least it seems like forever. But keep up the good work. Maybe one day you can publish an anthology of all these little pieces.


    • thank you for this confidence booster. i have already started writing a second part of the story, i just blogged it. it scares me because i am not a professional, nor have i had any formal education as a writer, but i thought, what the heck, i write a little each day, and if nothing happens from it, i have brought reading to all of you and left my children a piece of my mind. i have no idea on how to do any of this, so for now, i will try to put something together more than just one page. lol. may i ask,,,,,,,,,,,,what is a novella, and what is considered a short story?


      • Terry, a short story has anywhere from 1000 words to around 9,000 words. A novella is up to approximately 40,000 words. A novel is usually over 50,000 words with no more than 150,000, though most publishers don’t want more than 120,000. Mine is around 90,000.


      • wow, that is a lot of words, but i imagine they add up pretty quickly. i am giving this story continuation. i am giving it a try to expand the picture and write it from two days ago. the first part coming as the continuation of………..if you see something or feel something as you read these, please let me know


    • maybe at some point. right now i have taken one of my writing exercises and am turning it into my first try of a book. you can read it by following the different parts, labeled through number five i did last night. if i can do it, great! and if not, i tried……….


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