One Lovely Blog Award

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I discovered a moment ago, that I was nominated for One Lovely Blog Award.

This is wonderful, but now I am worried, as I worked hard to think up new things to tell you about with the prior award, so what is a person to do? Place thinking cap on. Tick tock!

The seven things I should not tell you but today I will bring myself to do so are

Golden Girls is my number two show I watch

American Idol is where you will find me all winter long

I watch Young and the Restless almost daily, but at least on Fridays

I have to sleep with the fan running and on me 365 days a year and I have a spare, in case one breaks during the winter months and you can’t pay a million dollars to find one

I love going to the zoos, but don’t want any of them critters living inside my home

I always wished I had thick, shiny hair, like the women on the television commercials

The nominations are


Thank you so much for this beautiful nomination!!

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