A Prayer For Al

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray my brother you will keep

I ask your for your hand on him

That you may bring about a grin

Lord know he doesn’t understand

The way you handle his life and plan

He hurt today God, can’t you see

I want him to have peace all eternity

He thinks he did something wrong today

To have this  come upon him in this way

I do my best Lord to keep him calm

I even read him all the Psalm

I need your help that only you

You can heal, something I can’t do

So when I wake can I please see

A different brother in front of me………

Terry Shepherd

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep… (Photo credit: cindy47452)



23 thoughts on “A Prayer For Al

  1. Amen and Amen, Lord answer our sisters prayer as only you can. Enclose her and Al in your hedge of protection, allow her to get some rest and give her the peace and strength that she so desperately needs. This needs you as much as her brother does Lord. Help them both. You have said that where two or more are gathered together to request in Your wonderful Son’s name, that You will answer. we do so request in Jesus’ name Lord. Amen and amen.


  2. Now as I sit in the morning light
    A heartfelt prayer comes to my sight
    One sorely in need of care
    One reaching out in prayer
    Yet there’s a larger picture too
    Lord, let them see it do

    Where help is needed; love is sown
    God doesn’t leave us all alone
    A good deed, a smile shared
    Many ways we love and care
    Hand-in-hand is what life must be
    That is the design for humanity

    When one lets another heart assist
    ‘Tis not a burden that they enlist
    They help another along the way
    On the steps to Heaven, every day
    Helping another soul to shine
    Is truly work of a heart divine

    May God Bless both of you this day
    And no matter what comes your way
    Know God is there from the start
    Singing from your beautiful heart


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