Thank You

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

What am I thankful for today

That I was able to work and play.

That I could see where others are blind

That I could think with my own mind.

I saw tears and I saw pain

But I saw sun, no clouds, no rain.

I was able to use my feet

As others had to sit in their seat.

I used my hands to pull the weeds

I touched the ground and planted seeds.

I thank you Lord for watching over me

I thank you Lord for tranquility.

The tears were spotty  here and there

Thank you for the time that  we could share.

I ask you God for peace to flow

Through Al’s mind and body til he does go.

I thank you God for my Cali cat

Who brings me love while sitting in my lap.

I ask for silence as we do sleep

For no bad dreams for him to keep.

I am thankful Lord for all you do

For watching over Al and me too.

Life would be so hard today

If you were not guiding all the way.

I will give thanks to the one above

For forgiving my sin, and continued love.



16 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I’ve been trying to jot down one thing each day I was grateful for. I’m finding you start with the big stuff then find you really have a lot of little things to be grateful for each day.


    • i am in the spot where i try hard to find the little things to be thankful for anymore. i am so sorry, but last nights pain caused by my child’s mouth has really hurt me and did me in


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